Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Amway Global Average Income $115/Month?

Amway reported that the average IBO income was $115 a month in 2001. As far as I know, there hasn't been an updated figure. The $115 is not really accurate as Amway disregarded about 1/3 of all IBOs as the $115 per month only included "active" IBOs. Some Amway apologists of course, make ridiculous arguments that someone who asks his brother to buy something is active an thus makes $115 for simply asking a question. Of course we know that to receive a bonus, an IBO must qualify by moving at least 100 PV in volume.

But wait, an IBO who moves 100 PV will likely get $9 or $10. How can an average IBO receive that much income? It is my guess that adding in Amway Crown Ambassadors and other high pins into this figure makes it much higher than the reality for most IBOs. If you look at the 6-4-2 plan, it assumes that all IBOs in that move 100 PV, yet the majority of them only receive the 3% bonus, or about $9 or $10 or so.

How much volume would you have to move to actually earn about $115 in a month, which is average? If you sponsored 4 downline and you and your downline all moved 100 PV, you would receive about $90, and each downline would get about $9, thus your bonus would be $54. (Based on each IBO doing 100 PV, 300BV and you are in the 6% bracket). But if you were to sponsor 5 downline, all doing 100 PV, 300 BV, you would receive about $162, and you would pay out $45 to downline. You would have a gross income of $117 a month.

So if you are able to gain and maintain 5 downline, all move 100 PV and about 300 BV each, you would then be in the 9% performance bracket and you would gross about $117a month. You would be considered average or above.

Things to note: Only 1 in 5 IBOs are able to sponsor even one downline. IBOs who sponsor multiple downlines are likely to be less than 1 in 5. Also, even if you can sponsor 5 and reach the 9% level, which would be a notable achievement in Amway, you would probably still have a net loss when if you calculate in taxes, voicemail, books, cds, standing order and functions.

Still think you can simply "choose" to succeed?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Amway Global - "At Least A Founder's 3%"

Amway's biggest defender usually goes by the moniker of "IBOFightback" or "Insider". He and his supporters often criticize the critics of Amway, citing outdated information and/or experiences. We are often told to check the credibility of the person who is writing. Well, here's an interesting coincidence. Could the David Steadson who is listed here:
be the famous IBOfightback?

If it is, then maybe he was right when he said he was at least a founder's 3%?

No, it couldn't be IBOfightback, he is from Sweden. :-)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Amway Global - A Foolproof Way To Earn Income?

So many IBOs talk about Amway being the best business around or the best way to earn income. Their tenacity in defending the business is almost scary at times. But the way Amway is promoted by the motivational groups is no different than the people who want to sell you the secret of buying real estate with no money, or selling you income earning strategies. Many of these opportunities are promoted on infomercials, while Amway functions serve as infomercials.

The major function formerly known as dream nite, now known as winter conference is one where the diamonds show off their alleged wealth. They show videos of nice cars, jet skis, mansions, and other trappings, and then tell the audience they can have all of this and more, if only they will do what upline teaches.

It is like a live version of an infomercial. But what many do not notice about the infomercials (when showing success testimonials) is that it most often says "unique experience", your experience may vary. It is more like Amway than you think. Achieving a sginificant level in Amway, such as Emerald or higher, probably qualifies as a unique experience.

If you really think about it, if someone were really making so much money doing something, why wouldn't they continue to do it instead of taking up so much of their valuable time promoting it? Is it because they make more money promoting it than doing it? I will guess it's the latter and not the former.