Wednesday, October 26, 2011

WWDB Expeditions Of Truth - Congratulations To Shaun, Latest Amway Retiree?

Looks like our friend Shaun will be retiring next month. See the comments. Congratulations Shaun!

Our Next Goal – My Freedom
Posted by Shaun

Today Lindsay experienced her first Monday where she didn’t have to go into work for money. She was pretty pumped to not have to wake up to the alarm clock. She really did plan her day today and had a great day doing the things she loved and starting the P90X program. I’m looking forward to the nutrition portion and some of the fitness part. I plan on doing some more running along side Lindsay’s getting into shape. A great side benefit of her freedom!

So what’s next? My Freedom, I cannot wait to join my wife so that both of us do not have to wake up to some stupid alarm clock. It’s also I think when people will actually look at us and take us serious that you can actually be successful in this business. I would never ever put our family in jeopardy and when the time comes to make that decision to step away from my job you better believe I’ll be counselling, thinking about it and making my own decision that’s best for our family. It will be a great decision and one we plan on making Late Fall next year. We will be working hard towards that and 2011 will be an amazing amazing year.

I can vividly imagine my freedom day right down to the last details. What’s awesome about that is we will have at least one child by then and I’ll also be home to spend time with him/her which is one of my biggest goals is to be around with my kids and see every moment of their lives. Its a huge goal and not one many parents can say and it’s worth fighting for. I’ve seen a glimpse of that kind of family with Kyle and Erron where Kyle is a professor for the UofS and he gets a lot of time off because of the school season. He is an amazing family man and is one father I look up to outside of my family. I think everyone could learn a few things from the Andersons. So kudo’s to you guys for raising the family you do.

I want to have that great family life, like I said it’s important to me, it’s worth the fight and we will make it happen. Step 1 was to get Lindsay free, and we’ve been able to do that with this business and the association. Step 2 is to get me free so that we can be together and raise an awesome family.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Amway Updates The Average IBO Income ?

IBOFightback and company are celebrating because Amway reported that their North American sales are up and that Amway is apparently growing the the US and Canada. While that is certainly nice for Amway, what does that mean for the rank and file IBOs? Actually, it means nothing in the big picture of things. Oh, and as a side note, Amway has updated their average income statistic. Amway reports that the averahe income of an active IBO is now $202 a month.

While $202 is a nice increase from the previously reported $115 a month income that Amway reported in 2001, the corporation still doesn't give enough information for people to accurately decipher what the number actually means. The lower tier IBOs (i.e. 100 PV) still earns about $10 a month for their efforts. IBOs on the system and below 1000 PV are still very likely suffering net losses if they are attending functions and buying the other system materials.

Amway also reported that there were 1222 new platinums. While that may seem impressive, keep in mind that is a platinum is approximately 1 in 200 IBOs, then the emergence of more platinums just means there are more low tier IBOs who are likely losing money. The compensation plan makes everything very predictable. If about one half of one percent of people are platinums, even if the whole world signed up for Amway, the number of platinums would likely be - one half of one percent.

While the alleged growth might be nice for Amway the corporation, it doesn't mean that the rank and file IBOs are more profitable. All it means is that the Amway apologists have something nice to talk about, even if they may not have gotten any positive benefit out of it.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Amway Ruined Me?

■Shekhar on October 8th, 2011 7:59 pm
My marriage has ended. I have no more savings. My rooms are full of products I cannot use. I am in financial ruin and I have no money to retire with.

Amway has ruined me. I should have listened. I was so sure this would work out.


What say you IBOFightback? You support a business where this kind of testimonial is common and then you make it worse by saying people like this didn't work hard enough or didn't follow upline instructions carefully. Come on IBOFightback, get out of your rathole and explain why this guy didn't make it. I dare you. *crickets chirping*

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fake Wealth?

PHOENIX -- U.S. Marshals said Donald Lapre, a Phoenix-based infomercial pitchman, was found dead in his cell Sunday at a federal-contract facility in Florence, Ariz.

Lapre was being held on fraud charges linked to his vitamin-selling business. He was arrested in Tempe earlier this year.

Lapre was found about 8:30 a.m., unresponsive in an apparent suicide, said Matt Hershey, supervisory deputy U.S. Marshal.

Officials refused to say which Florence facility Lapre was in and did not immediately know if he was alone in his housing cell.

Prison officials gave lifesaving measures until Florence police and paramedics arrived, said Hershey.

Lapre was wanted by law enforcement after he failed to appear at his U.S. District Court arraignment in June on 41 counts of conspiracy, mail fraud, wire fraud, promotional money laundering and transactional money laundering. A federal grand jury indicted Lapre on fraud-related charges for promoting his vitamin-selling business, Greatest Vitamin in the World of Phoenix. The indictments alleged that the business signed up 226,794 people who were promised lucrative commission checks for selling vitamins and recruiting others to the business.

Customers and investors spent nearly $51.8 million, but only 5,000 victims were paid about $6.4 million in commission, according to a statement released in June by the U.S. Department of Justice. Lapre collected at least $2.2 million from the business from 2004 to 2007.

Officials did not detail how Lapre may have killed himself, and said they likely would not release the name of the facility in which he was held.

Previously, the U.S. Department of Justice stated Lapre may have suffered from anxiety and depression and warned that he may have had suicidal thoughts.

"We are not yet releasing how he might have injured himself. More likely tomorrow there will be more information," said Hershey.

Lapre is perhaps best know for his informercials urging people to buy his "Making Money" package and get rich by placing tiny classified ads in national newspapers. The informercials became such a pop culture fixture that they were once spoofed on "Saturday Night Live."