Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Amway Questions And Answers

Question: What are the chances a person can start from scratch and become a Diamond?

Answer: A tiny tiny fraction of 1%. I might add that achieving diamond and maintaining diamond are two separate issues.

Question: Why are tapes/cds, books, and meetings common in this business?

Answer: Because upline allegedly wants train downline via these tools,
The sad reality however, is that many upline make far more income from the sale of these tools and meetings than from Amway.

Question: Do tapes, books, and meetings offer value as well as a money-back guarantee?

Answer: Supposedly they do, yet for some reason, yet you see the items sold for pennies on the dollar on ebay. You also do not see a steady stream of successful results from those who use the system/

Question: Are prices for your products offered on competitive?

Answer: Generally, Amway prices are not competitive with Walmart or other big stores because Amway must overcharge their cost by about 30% or so in order to pay out their bonuses.

Question: What makes the Amway Independent Business Ownership Plan legal while some businesses perceived to be similar are illegal?

Answer: Because Amway has products moving and there is no actual payment for recruiting. It must be noted though, that many IBOs make little or no effort to sell stuff, and much emphasis is on recruiting.

Question: Should a business dispute occur with another IBO, what options do they have?

Answer: To quit or go through a company arbitration process.

Question: I’ve heard rumors that I have to “follow the system” (listen, read, and attend) to get help from my upline. Is there any truth to that?

Answer: Technically, this is optional, but many many uplines will make it a defacto requirement. i.e. Tools are optional but so is success.

Question: I heard some Emeralds and Diamonds have quit their businesses. Is that true?

Answer: This is true. And some who quit admitted that as much as 90% of their income came from selling tapes/cds and tickets to meetings

Question: What is the difference between "the system" and "the business"?

Answer: The system is basically a secret but more lucrative business than the Amway business.

Question: Is one IBO organization or group better than another?

Answer: Just about all organizations claim they are “the best”. If you base “the best” on their miserable results, they are more similar than not.

Question: How much money can I really earn? How fast?

Answer: The average IBO, according to Amway, earns $115 a month and that is gross income for “active” IBOs. After business expenses, most IBOs have a net loss.

Question: Am I “in Amway” or am I really an "Independent Business Owner"?

Answer: You may be called “independent”, but in reality, you are more like a commissioned sales person.

Question: When I search Amway on the Internet, I find some negative stuff. What's up with that?

Answer: Because the vast majority of people make nothing or lose money. Many people were lied to when recruited. Over the years, you develop a bad reputation that way.

Question: Is the business plan today as valid as it was 20 or 30 years ago?

Answer: You are more likely to fail these days, unless you are only interested in buying and selling a few products. This is because the system expenses nearly guarantee net losses for most IBOs.

Question: Am I required to hold certain beliefs to be accepted?

Answer: no you are not required, but some “tools” organizations push religion and politics at meetings, which is against corporation rules.

Question: Odd as it may sound, I’ve heard some rumors that Amway Global/Quixtar is a cult. Is there anything to that?

Answer: Yes, many compare the Amway meetings to a cultlike atmosphere.


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