Sunday, February 13, 2011

IBOs Need To Modernize?

One of the things many Amway defenders like to use in defense of Amway is that critics are outdated. That experiences that are a few years old or older and are no longer valid. Yet when you examine the Amway opportunity, not much has changed. At least in North America, IBOs are still deceptive about presenting Amway to a prospect. Many diamonds who ruled the Amway world in the 1990’s are still around teaching today, with a few new diamonds emerging. The emphasis for many IBOs is still to sponsor people and not on selling Amway products. Most business building IBOs are told they need the system to succeed. If Amway enthusiasts are going to say that someone’s experience no longer applies, at least state what is different.

In fact, I will cite some specific items that could greatly reduce the cost of running an Amway business and can be done with great efficiency. Of course none of these would ever be fully implemented because the upline leaders would not be able to profit from them as they do now. If you still use voicemail and other costly tools, try asking your upline why they don't modernize and reduce IBO cost? I bet they feed you BS if you ask this.

Why does anyone need voicemail now when Amway is a web based business? Get rid of KATE and replace it with free email. Heck, with Facebook, your entire group could receive inportant messages and respond. These are free, but uplines keep using outdated technology that costs their downline money. Why? A leader can very efficiently and without cost, send a message to all downlines with one punch of his keyboard. Everyone has access to a computer either at home of by internet cafĂ©’ or by laptop or iphone. This could save an IBO possibly more than $30 a month plus charges for excess minutes. In fact this would be an upgrade to the current KATE system.

Even standing orders can be streamlined to mp3 messages or some kind of email based transcript to get information to downline. It doesn’t have to be free for those who believe that upline should be paid, but it would eliminate the need to pick up the material from your upline and it would be able to greatly reduce the cost to IBOs. Why do uplines use the most inefficient means of communication? Because it gets them the most profit?

So I will contend it is my opinion that Amway leaders are either outdated themselves or simply refuse to make technology upgrades because they make a nice profit charging downline for these outdated materials. I truly hope IBOs will take this post to heart and ask upline these tough questions. I would truly like too know the answers.


Anonymous said...

The uplines have no need to modernize. They just convince downline that they need all this crap and like zombies, the downline nod and agree.

Anonymous said...

Hi, you did mention some good points here. Hope I can use the questions from your blog to ask my very close friend who is going to give N21 a try. I have concerns about all these MLM schemes. If you have some more information, pls share with us.