Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sounds Familiar?

I'll post two made up speeches. Figure out which one sounds more like your diamond. I laugh when Amway defenders claim their diamonds talk about renting homes and being conservative. I have never seen or heard of a diamond talking like that.

Hi gang. I'm so fired up right now seeing you all. You are all winners, doing whatever it tales to get it done! You see, every single one of you can be on stage, and having what I have, if you do what I do. And I will tell you how to do this business! I own some mansions in Whitefish Montana. Of course I paid cash for these mansions because people who take out loans are broke or stupid! I have a fleet of sports cars, all paid in cash and I'm thinking about buying a jet next year! man this business is so simple, all you have to do is copy me!

Or is this one more likely by a diamond?

Hi gang. It's great to see all of you in the audience. I hope none of you are here unless you can truly afford to attend. you know, a diamond lifestyle is great, but not flashy. I have to rent a home because i am living below my means until I can afford a nice home. I buy second hand cars to save money. You know we have to be fiscally prudent. I'm here to teach you about how to build your business and how to make wise financial decisions regarding your Amway business. You should not buy tools unless you can afford them.

So which speech sounds like an Amway diamond? I know which one. So do you!


Anonymous said...

That's a nice post. I have been part of the business since quite some time now. I'd prefer to be anonymous. We are Q12s and are doing very well through this Amway business. Anything that is powerful and simple will have more people misusing it than productively using it.
Anywhere in life, there are 2 kinds of people.
1) There are those that love people and use things and
2) there are people who love things and use people

Unfortunately the 2nd category is the one most people prefer. It is called the path of least resistance.
My wife and myself are blessed to be part of an organization that practices the first type. In fact, part of our own business, we have helped students with no money, generate $300 - $400 without buying their own products and without having them get on to tools. Till date, we have never been looked down upon or criticized by our upline EDCs.

In fact our EDCs as people are extremely ethical and have proven it time and again because of which a lot of people in Amway don't like them. They have always been people-centric rather than money-centric. They have hundreds of Platinums in their team, but they mentor only a bunch of them who have remained ethical and honest. We pride ourselves and walk with our head held high for being part of their team.

What I intend to say is that, if you choose to be different, you may be hated by some, in fact hated by most.

Instead of writing blogs to criticize people, i think that you can help people for the right reasons. I personally lost 60lbs because of Nutrilite's weight loss program. And after I recommended the program, I helped at least 15 people to do the same. I may not agree to everything in the business, but I look at helping 15 people lose weight as impacting their life. Yes, people may say that there is only 2% divorce rate, it is true. If you look at the number of IBO's ever registered part of Amway, it is more than 3 million around the world. Even if a million of that is divorced after they got in Amway, that still beats the world's rate :).

The only people who can put you down is yourself. Not an upline, not a downline. If an upline refuses to work with you or says you are not a winner, it doesn't matter.
Today as part of our organization we have more than 100 IBOs. We only have 20 odd IBOs on tools. But among the other 80 odd people, 50 people do 300PV out of their own needs or a little retail. Nobody forces them to. Do you think our upline complains that there is just 20 IBOs in the system when the team is generating 20,000PV per month? What do you think? :). My point is, it's easy to point fingers and say "he said this" he said that.. Nobody ever built a statue for a critic. Utilize your mind and give people good quality products. You can either impact people through the products or through the system of motivation. if you don't like the system income, when you get to the point of receiving it, just donate it or turn it down. Simple. Tell them, I am an Emerald, but I don't want the system income. No problem.
Last thought. At your workplace do you use practical knowledge more or theoretical knowledge? If your answer is practical knowledge...
Do you complain when you have to buy a textbook for $200? Do you tell them that teach me first to be an engineer before I can learn about it? No. right?
Same thing here. If you look at this business as selling, you need to learn new things. But if you look at it as Sharing, you just need to talk to people based on your experiences right?
If you ask me, instead of trying to help people like this, through blog writing, help people benefit through the amway business. get started as an IBO, learn about products, and touch 10 lives a year in a positive manner. That would be a great accomplishment. Say 500 people before you die. You can consider yourself as one of the world's most renowned if you can touch 500 lives by the time you are gone. What say? Give it a thought...

rocket said...


That's like 4 or 5 CD's melded together in one long-assed rambling NOTHING post!

Well crafted Am-boy!

rocket said...

Not to mention the fact that Amway has "touched" more lives negatively than positively.

Anonymous said...

tilt, tilt, tilt....

Anna Banana said...

Wow! I think my former sack of shit Platinum found your blog! That sounds exactly like him! Or does every Platinum sound like that?

Joecool said...

LOL, they all sound alike, that's why you call them "Ambots"?

Anonymous said...

no, that's why I call them "suckers" =)

Jeremy said...

If I am to be honest the comment by "Anonymous" is 99.9% an out right LIE. Simple as that. ALL always IBO's LIE to make themselves feel good about their business. End Of Story.