Friday, February 4, 2011

IBOs Lie To Succeed?

In my personal experience and even now, I see evidence from IBOs that lying is still a big part of the script for those who are recruiting new IBOs. A business built on lies is a house built on a shaky foundation.
If your upline has lied, did you simply ignore and overlook it? Did you see slide shows of wealth as "proof" that Amway works? Do you know if your upline actually owns any of that stuff and is it typical or simply some exceptional diamond who has trappings but tries to imply that alll diamonds and big pins have all of those goodies?
Some of the lies:

We don't make any money until you do

We don't make money from tools

Save 30% by becoming an IBO

The business is easy

All you need is six

Diamonds pay cash for everything

Jobs are for losers

98% for people are dead or broke by age 65

95% of small businesses fail in the first year

**Have you heard any of these statements? Have you been fed lies or half truths (lies)?

If these statements sounds familiar, it may be a red flag for you. I urge you to at least verify any questionable claims made by upline or by those recruiting you into the business. Get bonafide proof of financial success. While uplines may say it's not your business, it certainly is if you are being asked to trust the upline leadership and to follow their advice. You should know how successful your uplines are and whether or not following them is indeed worth your time, investment and efforts. If your upline dodge your questions, you should think twice.


Anonymous said...

good advice, joe!

countdown to another insult from cowardly anon: 5,4,3,2....

Anna Banana said...

Hey Joe you might want to check your blog list link Quixtar the dream or the scheme. I think the enemy may have compromised it!

Joecool said...

No, it's okay. I don't have as many links on this blog.