Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Anonymous From Scarborough Canada Entertains Joecool

My of my regular readers here knows that there's an anonynous cowardly blogger from Scarborough Ontario Canada who has left threats and insults on my blog almost ad nauseum. I gave him my contavt information but he was too chicken to contact me. He is apparently a low level IBO who has a entry level job in a bank. Here's a humorous set of comments he recently left ony my blog. Enjoy!

Anonymous said: "That's why you didn't make the kind of money you were hoping to make. When I registered a thought came to my mind quite early on; instead of me finding 6 people who find 4 who find 2 each, why don't I just find one person who will find 6 people who find 4 who find 2 each? After-all, I still get 7500 PV and 50K/year!!! Sadly, as I found out, in doing so, I would net out only about $700/month instead of $5700/month. Structure is the key baby! BIG DIFFERENCE! So, I got serious about it and went for my 6 people! Did it all go just as advertised? No, but I earn a good $4000-4500 per month. Do I plan to stop here? No! I plan to go 100K/year by December 2011. So remember, business structure is vital for profitability. Stop whining and get to work!"

Anonymous said: "My Amway expenses are WAY FAR from wiping out my monthly Amway earnings. Or are you referring to my general, every day expenses? If yes, then there really is nothing to argue about. The same can be said about anyone whose job income also equals my Amway monthly income. For your information, I make almost twice as much from Amway than any other job I ever had."

Anonymous said: "Buddy Joe, my J.O.B was from 9 in the morning till 6 in the evening, Monday to Friday, working as a customer service representative. I was making about $2360/month. So don't you think that maybe, JUST MAYBE, $4000/month from Amway isn't a little bit, JUST A TINY LITTLE BIT, MORE than $2360? So what if I earn $4000/month you ask? Buddy Joe, I think that you're aware of $4000 figure being TOO REAL TO YOU, it's just that you were nowhere near that and now you're bitter about it. Why am I there and you aren't? Don't know and don't want to know. All I see is your bitterness and complacency. So shut up!"

Joe's commentary: So my anonymous friend in making $4000 a month from Amway? Of course he provides no evidence and not even an anecdotal explanation of how he makes $4000 a month. Of course, $4000 a month isn't much when you still have to pay for medical insurance and your other business expenses. Not to mention, I earn a lot more than that from my job. But anon from Canada, thanks for your entertaining tirades! I truly enjoy what you add to my blog! :-)


Anonymous said...

hahaha what a peabrain!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anon from Scarborough. You only help to make Amway look bad while entertaining us with your Tape Nonsensical remarks. Keep it up we enjoy it. I was wondering, can you make a video? I'm sure it would be quite entertaining to watch.

***Former WWDB Lemming***