Tuesday, February 1, 2011

You're In Amway Or You're A Loser?

One of the things that Amway owner Rich DeVos once said was that you should not call someone a loser just because they don't agree with you about the Amway oppportunity (not verbatim). I find this so ironic when simple math bears out the fact that an average business building IBO is losing money. How did I conclude this? Well, Amway reports that an average IBO earns about $115 a month gross income. This figure excludes IBOs who sign up and "do nothing".

A business building IBO who subscribes to standing order, attend functions, open meetings, has voicemail and reads a book a month has expenses that exceed $115 a month, therefore an average business building IBO is losing money. But ironically, these same IBOs who are losing money mistakenly believe that everyone else is a loser. I remember when I was "gung ho" about Amway, I used to think the same way. I almost felt sorry for people who weren't in Amway, as if IBOs have the secrets to life anf finances unlocked and those who say "no" are simply dooming themselves to financial disaster in their golden years.

I believe that uplines used the term quitter, failure, or loser as a subtle means of applying pressure to prevent IBOs from leaving the business. Nobody wants to leave thinking they have suddenly gone from being a winner to being a quitter or loser with no hope in life. I believe this strategy also contributes to Amway's reputation issues. I know that prospects have also heard this term in the past. In fact, I recall an online dialogue where an IBO was prospecting someone online and was very courteous until the prospect declined the invitation to be sponsored. Just like Jekyl and Hyde, the IBO starts calling the prospect a broke loser who wouldn't have accomplished much anyway. Talk about damaging the reputation and basically taking away any future chance of doing business with that prospect.

It is more likely that you are a loser because you're in Amway than not. Prove me wrong if you disagree.


Anonymous said...

amway is a cult--proof that you're RIGHT! =)

Ramesh said...

its a good post but what about the products how good/bad are these??!!

Anonymous said...

they're pretty good, but pricier than what you'll get at any store for the same or slightly better quality.

Anonymous said...

This writer is a lazy , ha ha .