Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why So Many IBOs Quit?

Someone posed this question on another blog so I thought I would address it here. Why do so many IBOs quit? To me, the answer is very obvious. Because what Amway recruiters promote rarely comes true. They show the best case scenario. not the likely outcome. It's like showing only the lottery winners.

Many Amway recruiters discuss a "shortcut" to retirement, fabulous toys, mansions, cars and vacations. They show an unrealistic model of how Amway works. Just sponsor 6 who sponsor 4 who sponsor 2 and everyone does 100 PV and in 2-5 years you will be a diamond making well over $100,000 a year which will roll in forever while you sit on a beach sipping exotic drinks. Okay, maybe I made it sound a little better than how some presenters show the plan, but still, many prospects really believe they will be financially free in a few years and living on easy street happily ever after.

But once the registration kit is busted, then the new IBO realizes that 100 PV may cost up to $300 a month. Attending meetings and finding people to show the plan is hard, especially when past IBOs may have tricked people into attending a meeting, or lied about the Amway opportunity. The cost of standing order and functions starts to mount. The IBO then starts to realize, that what he/she joined for was more time and money, ironically is what they have less of once they get involved in Amway, particularly if they are participating in a "system" such as BWW, WWDB, or N21.

This IBO then realizes that the good life they though was within their grasp really isn't. Then they quit. Now many IBOs sign up and do nothing. These folks don't usually have a complaint as they got what they put into the deal. But many worked the system hard only to not get any tangible rewards. Some disappear into the nite, and some come back to comment or blog about their experiences.

But the bottom line is that so many IBOs quit because, in my informed opinion, the Amway prices are generally too high, the reputation of Amway precedes itself and makes recruiting downline next to impossible, and the ongoing cost of the system starts to become a drain on the family finances, not to mention the time spent away from family and friends in order to attend meetings, plans, functions, etc.

The system doesn't work, so they quit. It's as clear as crystal to me.


Anonymous said...

yo joe! the system DOES work; you were just too lazy to....

and the spigot is turned to OFF!

aahhh, listen to the peaceful sound of those crickets. XD

Veva Health Connect said...

Yes what you have said has a merit. I joined this business in 2000 and my upline always asked me use system, seminars tapes books, etc. also to recruit more and more people. Actually I followed the system judiciously, but i failed for me.

I quit in 2007, and decided to focus on other aspects of my life like job and other business.
I grew dramatically. Now I am at almost of my profession. In 2014, I was approached by one of my customers to look at amway business opportunity. I told him, I don't want a business opportunity, I would just like to buy good products cheaper. the products are actually good.
So I signed up again. Slowly I started to share products with my customers (Other Business) and known family friends who needed them. on an average, now i am selling 500-600 pv (INDIA) an making about 6000/7000 Indian rupees that pay my petty expenses per month. I have more than 65 regular customers, who purchase from me regularly.
Till date I have not asked anyone to join this business. I am business man at heart and I don't sell the products to them, I see if they are facing any problem, and I have any product/service that can solve it, I suggest it to them, They try it and about 70% of the times, it ends up solving the issue, they are happy, I am happy. This is what, I reckon business should be like.