Tuesday, December 27, 2011

More Amway Commentary?

Joanna says:
27th December, 2011 at 3:33 PM
Hi All,

I started reading this blog back in 2009 I think. I was searching the web for information about AMWAY because a close friend of mine had become involved and was pressuring me to join too.

In those past years not one person in her group has made any money from AMWAY. But they have a lost a lot of important things that can’t be counted, friendship and self-respect. My friend was no idiot and she wasn’t lazy. She put everything into it. For nothing!

The only people who make money in AMWAY are the people who sell the CD’s, Books and Functions.

I think this will be my last post here. My friend has quit, she is my friend again and AMWAY is in the past.

I hope that anyone considering of going into this so called “buisness” because someone promised them “financial freedom” think really really hard. If it worked why can’t they say “I am an IBO with AMWAY and I am rich and personally gaurantee that you will rich be too”

Results are all that matters and all I saw were a lot of unhappy people pretending that were doing great when the opposite was true.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Amway Tax testimonial


"I met with a prospective tax client a few years ago. Combined, they both made pretty good money but, upon reviewing their prior returns, I noticed they also had a Schedule C that showed $6k-$7k loss year after year (about 7 years in total). Their prior preparer had warned them about the hobby loss rules but they had insisted they had a profit motive because they were eventually going to be making lots of money. I asked if this was Quixtar. They said "yes" and how did I know that. I told them the large losses year after year were a good sign. They didn't seem to get it. While the IRS hadn't noticed their losses (yet), they state had. While, the state wasn't denying the losses, it was asking them to review the hobby loss rules. I told them that they needed to quit this and they seemed offended. I told them where the people at the top really made their money (the tools) and they wouldn't believe me. They claimed that "no one makes money on the tools". They were well brainwashed. They had an canned answer for every comment I made. The cultlike brainwashing had done its job. Needless to say, I lost them as a client but I couldn't let them go on every year like this without saying something and besides, it was approaching April 15th and they were really really disorganized.

Earlier this year, I did talk our receptionist out of Quixtar. She is only 22 and had never heard of Quixtar or even Amway for that matter. I asked her if her sponsor was trying to get her to go to seminar. She said "yes". Apparently, there was one the next weekend that she "had to be at" (according to him) and it was about 500 miles away. He and a few of his prospects were going to roadtrip. She called him and quit. Well, at least I saved one.

The higher ups at Quixtar really don't want their downline to be successful. There is so much money made on those seminars that, if the downlines started actually being successful, they would stop coming."