Saturday, February 12, 2011

Are You An IBO Or A Misled Customer?

Many people who register to distribute Amway products are taught to "buy from yourself". Of course using the products you sell is a good idea because you gain familiarity with the products and you may be able to explain and promote the products. However, one of the issues with this is some IBOs are taught to use the products exclusively without selling products to others. This makes them customers and not IBOs. It is also a potential violation of Amway rules, which apparently, some uplines conveniently ignore.

Buying products is not a business activity. A business exists to sell goods and services to customers for a profit. That's it, plain and simple. Any other activities that you engage in such as listening to a tape/cd, attending a function or reading a book, might be educational in nature, but it is not a business related activity. This is key. Many IBOs are foold into thinking that attending functions is business, or that listening to standing orders is businesss. It is not. Only selling products or services in an attempt to profit is a business activity. Uplines have perverted the IBO's thinking and thought process.

Many many IBOs are mislead by upline into thinking that simply buying their own goods is a means to succeed in Amway. One somewhat prolific but grossly mislead IBO (Tex) thought that he can buy his way to prosperity. He is dead wrong and his results prove it. Buying from yourself is a technique used by upline because many people do not like to sell. Therefore, they are told to sell to themselves. Of course, you are now a customer and not a business owner. And - any profit made from the buy from yourself model is coming out of your own pockets. You are just fooling yourself.

If you are being taught to "buy from yourself", almost exclusively, you may want to step back and analyze your profit/losses and see if you are accomplishing what is shown in the "plan". IBOs who engage in the buy from yourself philosophy are basically building a product based pyramid. Keep in mind, are you a misled customer or an IBO?


Anonymous said... from yourself. what a load of horse manure!

Joecool said...

Buying from yourself only transfers money from your savings account to your Amway business account. It's still your money, just moved around a bit. WIthout customers, you have no true profit.

ali said...

i was given a wrong info as well. the upperline who joined me said all u have to do is buy products and its for home use,dont need to sell. but when it comes to Ird , they reckon its not a legimate business. .mislead of info.