Sunday, February 6, 2011

Invest In Your Amway Business?

One thing that is very interesting to me, is how IBOs seem to think that spending money on cds, tapes or functions is an investment in their business. If I owned a restaurant for example, I would have to purchase equipment such as ovens and grills. If my business does well, I may choose to re-invest some of my profits for perhaps more efficient cooking equipment, or nicer chairs and tables for my patrons, etc. The things I invest or re-invest in makes an immediate impact on my business for the better. Food is served faster, and perhaps the environment is nicer for my customers. It becomes a direct benefit for the business owner to make that investment. In Amway, those benefits are very questionable.

What exactly do IBOs get from cds or attending functions? What do they get from standing orders and night owls? They likely end up with less money. Attending a function for example, not only costs money, but takes you away from your business for a weekend each month. In what business is it beneficial to spend money and take a weekend away from your business? Only in Amway do upline leaders teach this kind of questionable business practices. It wouldn't seem so bad if upline leaders weren't the primary financial beneficiary of these functions. Ironically, it is the uplines exclusively who make the most bucks out of the functions.

Now if an IBO spent time and money creating advertising for their products, or a business gameplan, that would be a reasonable investment of their resources to benefit their business. It is too bad that upline leaders teach bad business practices that end up in IBO failure while they are enjoying financial gains for teaching this crap. I hope IBOs and information seekers are able to recognize this and avoid getting into a losing situation.


Blogger2150 said...

I need more info on this because a very good friend of mine who is very easily persuaded by these types of schemes is breathing down my throaght to take this ride with him. To me a business student it all seems too good to be true he tells me one thing then shows me another. Tells me its. ot a pyramid scheem but shows me that the group leader gets a bonus from what all of tge people below him make. I just dont know if I can take a risk like that being a college student and all.

Anonymous said...

don't. ESPECIALLY being a college student. they will take advantage of that big-time.