Friday, February 11, 2011

Statement From A WWDB IBO

The compensation plan is untouchable and uncomparable to anything else I've been shown. Most people that try to prospect me some other business model just do not have the stability and security and financial statement and most importantly integrity of individuals on purpose as our company has. Which is why I only show this to and work with those who qualify.

For your research, I'd reccomend several websites:

www. thisbiznow. com (What our partners are saying)
www. quixtarfacts. com (the answers you need as you consider this opportunity)
www. quixtarnewsroom. com (company news you need to know)
www. wwdb. com (username:guest / password:dream)
www. alticor. com (more about our parent company)
www. amway. com (your link to a global business opportunity)
www. iobai. com (the official site of Independent Business Owners Association International)

I cannot be quoted, but figures depend on group volume ran. A Ruby may earn around $10k-15k a month running approx about $20K-$50K of business dollars monthly through their personal team of people with the 2008 comp plan. Every year the comp plan is restructured and increases for all independent business owners. There are additional bonuses and incentives to be eligible for along the process.

Keep in mind: edibles and consumables are renewable when used up and you can make a lot of money with them.

I dont want to waste my time just to peek a person's curiosity about what I do and what I'm in. I'm very serious about what I do, this is not something people do as a side hobby, and I work with thousands of successful individuals that also feel the same.

Those questions and much more can be answered and fully explained by being shown the full business plan. I dont show it to people unless they qualify and earned their right to.

Perhaps you can correct me, but you've already given me the impression you didn't want to see it. I respect you, however I dont know you well enough as a potential business partner to share the business with. If you're serious about really giving it the respect of being looked into, I just may reconsider.

P.S. I did a follow up on this IBO and apparently she has left WWDB and Amway.

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