Monday, October 17, 2011

Amway Updates The Average IBO Income ?

IBOFightback and company are celebrating because Amway reported that their North American sales are up and that Amway is apparently growing the the US and Canada. While that is certainly nice for Amway, what does that mean for the rank and file IBOs? Actually, it means nothing in the big picture of things. Oh, and as a side note, Amway has updated their average income statistic. Amway reports that the averahe income of an active IBO is now $202 a month.

While $202 is a nice increase from the previously reported $115 a month income that Amway reported in 2001, the corporation still doesn't give enough information for people to accurately decipher what the number actually means. The lower tier IBOs (i.e. 100 PV) still earns about $10 a month for their efforts. IBOs on the system and below 1000 PV are still very likely suffering net losses if they are attending functions and buying the other system materials.

Amway also reported that there were 1222 new platinums. While that may seem impressive, keep in mind that is a platinum is approximately 1 in 200 IBOs, then the emergence of more platinums just means there are more low tier IBOs who are likely losing money. The compensation plan makes everything very predictable. If about one half of one percent of people are platinums, even if the whole world signed up for Amway, the number of platinums would likely be - one half of one percent.

While the alleged growth might be nice for Amway the corporation, it doesn't mean that the rank and file IBOs are more profitable. All it means is that the Amway apologists have something nice to talk about, even if they may not have gotten any positive benefit out of it.

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Jhony said...

Hi Can you please provide me the link where Amway provides its annual statement and other information pertaining to average income of IBO's. I just want to read them myself in more detail. I appreciate your blogs explaining your opposition to amway.