Monday, September 21, 2009

Amway - Get Rich Quick?

I get a good laugh out of IBOs when the talk about Amway not being "get rich quick". If that was how the opportunity was pitched, then why did you join, knowing that Amway's reputation was less than spotless? Seems that many IBO recruits have some kind of need, such as more income, which is why they join Amway in the first place. They join in hopes of making a few extra dollars, and hopefully the business will bloom into a big one where the money rolls in by the barrel full while you sit on a beach sipping mai tais.

Obviously, Amway must have been pitched as having the possibility of creating wealth in 2-5 years or whatever they show prospects these days. I don't think much has changed over the years. The problem in my informed opinion is that too many IBOs think they can create wealth with their Amway business. The sad reality is that in most business structures in Amway, the money is simply taken out of the pockets of downline ans redistributed to upline. This is done by downline having product loyalty. Product loyalty to Amway and the tools systems.

Many IBOs join to get extra time and money, but instead they give up much time and money from their jobs, which benefits upline. Not counting IBOs who do nothing, the remaining will likely buy their 100 PV, and consume voicemail, standing order, books and functions. It would be rare for an IBO to actually make enough Amway money to cover the cost of the tools, much less make a net profit. But I believe uplines will tell you that Amway is not get rich quick, because they want you yo expect to spend several years in the system, all the while lining upline pockets with tools profits.

On most cases, you will not get rick quickly in Amway. You will probably not get rich slowly in Amway either. It is very likely that you won't get anything in the Amway opportunity except a net loss, especially is you are dedicated to your upline's teaching system.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Amway Global - Join Amway And Profit Right Away?

One of the things that the presenters hit upon when showing the plan was how you had a great advantage in joining Amway because you could avoid overhead expenses and profit right away. Plus they threw in the tidbit about saving money thru Amway.

But it appears that IBOs do not profit right away, moreso if they are on the system of voicemail, cds, books and seminars. What's troubling is that IBOs are taught that they should not profit right away. That businesses commonly take years to profit, and that any profits should be invested into more tools. So the business is promoted as being one where you can profit right away, and then upline changes the mindset of profit into Amway being a long term venture. This is often refered to as a bait and switch technique.

It is common for Amway promoters to target needy folks. People who could use an extra buck or more. Someone who is looking for ways to make more money, but not necessarily by working another job. Thus upline will promote the Amway as low risk, easy to get started and no expenses. Then when an IBO commits, the mantra then changes to long term business, reinvest profits, etc etc.

My upline used to tell us that the promise of money got us in, but becoming better people, helping others and long term firendship is what the business is really about. Really? How many people would join and spend all that money to accomplish these goals? Not that these are bad things, but they are contrary to the pitch of joining to own a business.

If you are involved or considering getting involved, I encourage you to ask your sponsor tough questions about this. To ask where the profits are if you're been involved for more than a month. Don't allow them to shuffle the answer under a rug. If they can't or won't answer you, then you have a big decision to make. Stay involved in a business that is losing money, even though profits were promoted as easy, or keep trusting someone who won't give you a straight answer.