Saturday, June 26, 2010

Amway - Is Lying Just Part Of The Business?

One of the things that got me upset after I left the Amway business was the amount of lies and deceit used to attract IBOs, and to keep them in the business. My first encounter with the Amway business was being invited to a beer bust that was actually an open board plan at someone's house. I later attended a meeting and eventually sign up when a very good friend of mine had gotten in and had qualified as Gold Direct (at that time).

As an IBO, I was told that NOBODY made profits from tools. I was also told that WWDB was a non profit organization. Both were lies and to date, as far as I know, not a single WWDB leader has been held accountable for these lies. Other questionable statements were "we don't make pennies until you make dollars", and that upline truly cared about us, and that's why they put on functions. At the time, nobody really knew that some uplines might have been making a living off tools and not from Amway.

Things changed a bit later, with the advent of Quixtar, but then more lies came from many IBOs, such as Quixtar is not Amway and is not even related in anyway. Seems that tricking people into meetings has never changed over the years and still occurs today. There are pockets of IBOs who are ethical, but they are the exception and not the rule. We also saw the perfect water fiasco where IBOs were selling $48 cases of water that allegedly had magical powers, only to find out it was mostly a hoax and Amway finally stepped in to stop some of the wild claims.

The there's the age old lies told about IBO income. I recently had a conversation by email with an IBO who swore that he made $1000 a month from Amway and he said he would shut me up by sending me a PDF copy of his check. Well, none came and he blocked me from contacting him. Now I don't doubt that people can earn $1000 a month from Amway, but the cost will be a bunch of downline to eat losses so you can earn that magical check. Trying to get a straight answer about income from most IBOs is like decpihering hyroglyphics at times.

If you are usinng deception as part of your recruitment process or using other deceptive practices, then you may ask yourself what your prospect will think if and when they discover the truth? This may be why Amway IBOs drop out like flies, where more than 60% of IBOs drop out the first year. I have just touched the tip of the iceberg by the way, I may have to do a follow up blog post to cover more on this interesting topic.


Kurt Gross said...

Amway makes products.

People make mistakes.

The way you were treated, coached, or whatever rightly should fall on the shoulders of those PEOPLE who treated you that way, not on the shoulders of Amway.

In my book, you are tearing down Amway when you should be tearing down those people who coached you to do those awful things.

Misplace criticism is just as bad a thing as what those people did to you.

To me, you are no better than them.


Anonymous said...

do it. can't wait!

Joecool said...

Hi Kurt,

Can you tell us what substantial measures Amway has taken to stop those who coach others in a bad way? Why are the same coaches from 20 years ago still doing what they've been doing?

A BWW IBO said...

Yes, lying is a part of the Amway business. You should read more on my post about a top double diamond in the BWW organization named Kumar lying through his teeth in his profile DVD. Check out:

These are liars who teach others to become liars, who in turn teach others to become liars!

A BWW IBO said...

Yes, they lie and teach others to lie. Lying starts from step 1 in Amway. I have written a post about Amway/BWW double diamond Kumar lying in the FAQ section of his profile DVD. Read it at:

The FAQ video itself can be found at

Anonymous said...

hey kurt, we're WAITING!

Deep said...

Cheers on your effort; I've read your posts/comments on multiple websites.. You are one of those foremost people out there to educate others with the classical (yet functional?!) traps of 'The Business'. I've always asked myself whenever I get approached by random couple in IKEA, WalMart and the likes... How on earth cant you tally your books?! It really amazes me the scheme still works... there are people out there trying to lure you into the business.