Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Amway Global - Go Broke Fast?

Many people join the Amway business because they believe that they will get rich in doing so. Upline will tell their audiences that they will not "get rich quick". I believe they do this as a disclaimer so that people don't believe this is some scam that is too good to be true. Obviously, many people have the idea that they will evnetually get rich if they will only follow upline advice and do what they are told. On the surface, the Amway presentation looks reasonable and makes sense. Basically, it is sold as make money and save money. Sound easy enough and who wouldn't want to make money, save money, or both?

But what's not told to prospects up front is that in order to work the system, you will need to be a leader and a good example for your downline to duplicate. Thus you will be expected to move at least 100 PV each month. 100 PV costs about $300 a month and a leader or serious IBO will be expected to be on voicemail, standing order, and book of the month, as well as attending functions which may include out of town conventions requiring airfare and other trave; expenses. I believe the average dedicated IBO would spend between $200 and $300 a month on average, on these tools. Thus an average business building IBO will spend about $500 to $600 a month in order to become a business building IBO.

$500 or $600 a month in expenses might seem reasonable for a business owner, except that you were likely told that the Amway business has little or no expenses. What would you have said if you were told upfront that you needed to come up with $6000 to $7000 annually to participate in Amway? Sure, you get some products with that expense, but more than likely you will also end up with many products you may not need, nor would you have used some of these products if not for your involvement in Amway.

Typically, IBOs don't last for long, but a bunch of IBOs do put in a few years of earnest effort before they realize that Amway is not going to deliver their dreams. After 2-3 years, it's possible that you may have "invested" over $20,000. If you are under 30 years of age, do you realize what $20,000 invested can do over the span of say, 30 years when you would likely retire from work? Even if you didn't invest it, couldn't that $20,000 fulfill some of your dreams? A new car, a dream vacation, maybe a down payment on real estate? Sadly, many uplines will lure eager young people into the Amway business and their seperate tool business. They will con them into giving up their resources so they can chase a dream that won't materialize.
Then when the IBO wakes up and quits, they are shunned and labeled a loser or a quitter.

IBOs and prospects often think they will get rich in Amway. But for most, especially those caught up the the teaching systems, they are far more likely to go broke fast.


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still kicking myself...

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Idiot. You!

happy said...

So why do you not start a blog on Paul Tsika ?
Many of us have just learned about him drugging girls in the past and sleeping with pastors daughters. Yet LOA's like WWDB put him in a position to pressure folks to stay in WWDB using GOD and FAITH as the reasons.

I bet if you asked around you will find he is the next big topic and he is hurting people.

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anon #2, you're funny. NOT!