Monday, July 18, 2011

Get Paid What You Are Worth?

One of the things I saw and I believe is still taught today, is that Amway recruiters will talk about people's jobs and how you can only earn what the job is worth, and not what you are worth. Then they tell you to join the Amway business as a means to rectify that situation.

When you stop and really think twice about this, you have to wonder. If your employer doesn't pay you what you think you deserve, you are welcome to offer your services to a higher bidder. If you are unable to find a higher bidder, then you either need to increase what you have to offer, or you have overestimated your value as an employee. But at least as an employee, you have a paycheck that you can depend on, and more than likely, you know when your paydays are.

Now you get excited about being a business owner. Are you now paid what you're worth? Or at least, are you on your way to being paid what you are worth? Have you even asked or thought about what you are worth? Most IBOs, not counting the ones who "do nothing". end up moving 100 PV and getting $10 back from Amway. If they are on the system, they are likely to have spent over $100 a month to participate. Are you now "paid what you are worth?". You are in the negative, and even adding some downline is unlikely to change your situation significantly.

When you spend about $300 to make 100 PV, Amway gets paid. When you earn your 100 PV, Amway will give back about $75 in bonus money. Middle men in your upline take about $65, leaving you with $10. Are you paid what you are worth? Who did the work and who got the lion's share of the reward?

Let's say you worked really hard for a couple of years. You finally reach platinum and you earn $50,000 (before taxes). After taxes and business expenses, let's say you net $25,000. Have you now earned what you are worth? A platinum is in the top 1% of all IBOs and they net maybe $25,000 to $30,000. Are they paid what they are worth? If you can't answer yes to any of these questions, you have to ask yourself if the whole thing is worth it?


Anonymous said...

losing money to pure GARBAGE like this? eh...i'll pass!

**proud Amway hater**

Pravin Mumbai said...

i am a business owner since 2008 in india, my upline is in this business since 2004, this month he went platinum, but i can bet on one thing. the amount of money he has invested in using products, tapes, seminars, books, sop, book of the month, open meetings. travelling etc he is not break even in 9-10 years, means he is just working for 10 years with out getting paid. they have only one thumb rule keep on showing plans you will go diamond. but when, after showing 1000 plans or 5000 plans, just let us know. only thing they teach us is think postive, but you have to be practical. check the facts.

Demetrius Jonas said...

failure inspires winners,failure defeats losers.The only amway haters are not telling us is the alternatives,business alternative,business with zero starting capital.

negative people have nothing to offer only negative conclusion..every thing in life require sacrifice no pain no gain.Namibia