Sunday, March 4, 2012

Amway Makes Deceptive Claims About Nutrilite?

Read About Amway Deception Here WASHINGTON—The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) accused Amway of making deceptive claims for its NUTRILITE line of liquid dietary supplements. CSPI said it would file a class action lawsuit against Amway if it continues to use "unsubstantiated nutrition and health benefits" claims for its Fruits & Vegetables 2GO and Immunity Twist Tubes products.

Labels for NUTRILITE's Fruits & Vegetables 2GO Twist Tubes claim the product represents two servings of fruits and vegetables and the fine print clarifies that a dose, “contains the antioxidant equivalent of 2 servings." However, CSPI said the 10-milliliter tubes do not equal the same health benefits as real fruit or vegetables; fruits and vegetables contain more benefits than just antioxidants, CSPI said. CSPI noted unlike fruits and vegetables, Fruits & Vegetables 2GO does not contain fiber, and real fruits and vegetables have up to 8,000 phytochemicals that may provide health benefits.

CSPI also took issue with Amway's claims for NUTRILITE's Immunity Twist Tubes. The product claims it is an “immune system booster" that will “protect your cells." The immunity claim is unlawful, according to CSPI, because it implies the product will prevent disease. It won’t, says the group.

Also, CSPI noted both product lines contain the artificial sweetener sucralose, despite a print advertisement for “fruits & vegetables 2GO" that claims the product has no artificial ingredients.

“Amway is sending a horrible health message to American consumers when it holds out its Twist Tubes as a short cut to getting the health benefits of real food," said CSPI staff litigator Seema Rattan. “People who want the health benefits of two servings of fruits and vegetables are far better off eating two servings of fruits and vegetables. And no one should be deceived into thinking that these pricey little tubes will prevent them from getting sick."

In a letter to Amway chairman Steve Van Andel, CSPI said Amway’s labeling and advertising for NUTRILITE products violates federal regulations and consumer protection laws in Washington, Massachusetts, Texas, New Jersey and California.

In a company response, Anna Bryce, Amway Public Relations, said, understands the importance of accurate product claims. "For this reason, we have a thorough claims substantiation process, incorporating published nutrition science and regulatory directives. Frankly, we were disappointed when CSPI decided to publish its concerns about the marketing of the NUTRILITE Twist Tube line, without first asking Amway about its product claims. We would have appreciated the opportunity to share the results of our claims substantiation process. We always take such concerns seriously and we are investigating the assertions made by the CSPI."

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Not sure in terms of decptiveness. But when I was in the business my up line asked me to use and prepare testimonials for Nutrilite and Artistry. But if you look at the Business Reference guide (available on you can never claim any supplements to cure any disease or improve from any stage of biological performance! Customer has to pick what he/she wants and you can only show the product!