Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Amway Global is Not Amway?

Ok, first we had the Quixtar is not Amway. Now I am starting to see some IBOs claim that Amway Global is not Amway. I am still trying to find out which LOS is teaching this but here we go again. Do IBOs not realize that lies and slight of hand tricks are not going to result in a long term successful business?

Can you imagine tricking someone into attending a meeting and then showing them your product line? The presentation of the plan, the compensation plan, all the same and the corporation still the same. What are some of these uplines thinking when they teach this stuff?

More to come on this subject later....


Amthrax said...

This was a stupid thing to say during the Amway to Quixtar transition in the late 90s. The coreline products that everyone was strongly encouraged to buy were are all from Amway with prominent logos adoring the packaging.

I can't see why people aren't just upfront and honest about what business they are in. Their uplines may say, "Oh your prospects won't understand, they'll have misconceptions if you just blurt out the Amway word immediately." Dude, you're perpetuating the stereotype and misconception of the dishonest Amway IBO!

jllygff said...

Whenever I do hear "Amway Global is not Amway" I always ask in what ways is it isn't? Up to this point I have heard the crickets come out.