Friday, February 13, 2009

Amway Global - Why Does Amway Need Defenders?

One particular champion of Amway wrote an article about an internet war against Amway. The author claimed that Amway was losing the war. The "critics" he claimed were winning as "negative" websites were moving up the search engines and what not. But it brings a simple question? Why does Amway need IBOs and PR folks to defend them in the first place? I know they have people monitoring this website, and many others.

Let me explain. If I worked say, at a grocery store, and slippery floors caused some people to slip and get injured, I would make sure the floors were mopped and warning signs placed where there were potential slippery areas. I would not go online to blog about stupid customers who did not watch their steps in the store. I would not question the credibility of someone who was injured in the store.

Most if not all LOS's seem to teach bad business practices. These practices cause many people to lose out financially while participating in the Amway business opportunity. The result is a bad reputation. This is evidenced by stories of IBOs denying that Quixtar has anything to do with Amway. It appears that some IBOs are now claiming that Amway global is not Amway. What gives? If it is standard practice to avoid mentioning the name of the company you represent, you have a problem.

Although Amway has taken some measures to address the issue, such as accreditation, it appears that their corrective measures were cosmetic. Fix the problem, take action agaunst abusers and thrive. If not, then don't expect things to get much better than they are now.


Mike said...

The "covert" use of the name of Amway. Is just another aspect of the cult and weeding out problem folks

When the prospects buys into that logic, that this is not the same is a "better" Amway..

This indicates the level of understanding this person has..if they can be lured into the business on this lie..the rest will be easier.

Gina said...

Amway needs PR people and avid supporters because they know they have a crap opportunity so they ned to try and balance out the truth with their fairy tales. Its funny cause if you do a search on Avon, nothing of the same sorts for Amway is found. Go figure.

Joecool said...

Much of the criticism about Amway is "system" related. Yet Amway has not addressed the system abuses, at least nothing of significance that I know of. But they probably allow the systems to keep running - because the systems promote defacto quotas of PV, which keep product sales up.