Friday, July 31, 2009

Amway Global - Own A Business And Get Paid What You Are Worth?

One of the things I saw and I believe is still taught today, is that Amway recruiters will talk about people's jobs and how you can only earn what the job is worth, and not what you are worth. Then they tell you to join the Amway business as a means to rectify that situation.

When you stop and really think twice about this, you have to wonder. If your employer doesn't pay you what you think you deserve, you are welcome to offer your services to a higher bidder. If you are unable to find a higher bidder, then you either need to increase what you have to offer, or you have overestimated your value as an employee. But at least as an employee, you have a paycheck that you can depend on, and more than likely, you know when your paydays are.

Now you get excited about being a business owner. Are you now paid what you're worth? Or at least, are you on your way to being paid what you are worth? Have you even asked or thought about what you are worth? Most IBOs, not counting the ones who "do nothing". end up moving 100 PV and getting $10 back from Amway. If they are on the system, they are likely to have spent over $100 a month to participate. Are you now "paid what you are worth?". You are in the negative, and even adding some downline is unlikely to change your situation significantly.

When you spend about $300 to make 100 PV, Amway gets paid. When you earn your 100 PV, Amway will give back about $75 in bonus money. Middle men in your upline take about $65, leaving you with $10. Are you paid what you are worth? Who did the work and who got the lion's share of the reward?

Let's say you worked really hard for a couple of years. You finally reach platinum and you earn $50,000 (before taxes). After taxes and business expenses, let's say you net $25,000. Have you now earned what you are worth? A platinum is in the top 1% of all IBOs and they net maybe $25,000 to $30,000. Are they paid what they are worth? If you can't answer yes to any of these questions, you have to ask yourself if the whole thing is worth it?


Anonymous said...

you can only earn what the job is worth, and not what you are worth.

Isn't that true? If you got common sense, it is and if not, sorry but it isn't.

But at least as an employee, you have a paycheck that you can depend on

Depend on? You mean for as long as it comes but when I can't work, I don't get paid. As a business owner I can still make money even when I personally don't work if my business is well laid out to create that income.

You finally reach platinum and you earn $50,000 (before taxes). After taxes and business expenses, let's say you net $25,000.

Not so. You confuse the return bracket from employees to business owners. As a business owner I pay taxes at the end of the month on what's left and I pay a lower percentage than an employee. I may still be left with some money afterwards. As an employee, I pay more taxes on day one and keep whatever is left. I don't like that.

As for the rest of your story, it's just a bunch of CRAP.

Anonymous said...

If this business truly was "exploding" - with everyone making big bucks and pins breaking left and right - Amway would have capped the amount of people allowed to sign up as IBOs.

Funny - in the 50+ years of Amway's existence, they had allowed everyone possible to sign up.

Maybe because they know the business doesn't work as advertised??


Joecool said...

Anon, who pays your medical insurance? And if you don't budget for your taxes, you will be sunk at the end of the year. Your comment is full of crap.

Anonymous said...

Who pays my medical insurance Joecool? Well, not the company for as I know of. That's being phased out, that way companies save more. So, it falls back on me, I have to pay for it but in the first place, I don't make that a priority because I trust in God that I will be healthy and won't need serious medical care. Honestly, what's with this medical insurance mentality? It's like some people attract illness to strike them. No wonder they will need medical insurance. Besides, how can I be sunk at the end of the year if I don't budget for the taxes? Maybe as an employee but still that's not entirely feasible. It's called living below standard. As for the anonymous who said that in 50+ years Amway allowed for everyone possible to sign up, have all the 6.6 billion people on Earth signed up? What about the assumption that this business is truly exploding out of the blue? None of that is true.

Joecool said...

Many employers are requried to offer medical insurance to full time employees. Find a better job if possible.

Anonymous said...

surprised the other raptors have not attacked this messanger

mrmaximum said...

I will say what isn't surprising. I've noticed that there is a decline in IBO comments on this site. Hard hitting your head on reality isn't it?

Making all the money which is stated in the plan may be possible anon#1, it isn't likely, sorry to say. There is a big differece between the two.

Anon#3 I guess us critics who simply state the facts and oppose the tapespeak indoctrination which is spoken from stage is a little upsetting for us to have such negative name.

Gotta really be frustrating arguing that the sky is red. I like to use McDonalds because IBO's like to use it so much. I remember hearing about people upset that the food was bad for you, that McDonalds farms possibly overran neighbouring farms, that their cleanliness maybe wasn't up to par. Books have been written about the evils of McDonalds food, even a video game was created which could be downloaded and played about how the expanding McDonalds empire caused issues.

Never did I ever come across a huge deluge of people saying that the business didn't work or that franchisees didn't make money a good portion of the time.

In fact, all these issues where as profound as they where....because the business DID work, that fact was NEVER called into question because of how widespread and successful McDonalds is. Interesting how McDonalds has some bad press (still nowhere near as bad as Amway's) but the nature of it stems from their large about of success, not the lack of it.

Take it anyhow you want to take it, the same cannot be said about Amway. If it was as good as it was supposed to be, then we all would know about it.

Anonymous said...

hey look there is one right there. already claiming to know it all and thinks only his side is right. wow you are probably racist and sexist too arent you. I think the Ibo's left cause this blog and it's owner is a joke

Joecool said...

I have good traffic on this website. The joke is thinking that standing order and functions help you succeed in this business.

Gina said...

"you can only earn what the job is worth, and not what you are worth."

You don't really believe that do you? It has been proven that people with more experience and or more education do get paid more for the same position that someone qualified but not as nicely qualified will. I have a friend that works for a very large company and they will pay a portion of her masters degree, guarantee her a raise upon completion and put her in the running for various promotions that those without a masters will not be considered for...all while those who choose not to take part in this program hold the same position but for less pay....its a common practice.

Anonymous said...

Gina that sounds nice but why would I want to go through all that trouble with the associated insecurities? To me, it's not worth it. It's nice to have a Masters Degree but how does that really help you? It's just a designation which gives you a false feeling of importance, boastfulness, vanity and pride.
Find a better job if possible... Joecool you never were a real IBO, if you were and this business didn't work for you, you would say "find another business venture instead of a job..."

Joecool said...

I wasn't a real IBO? I would find another business? Really? How do you know if I did or didn't?

Anonymous said...

If Scamway were that good, how come they MUST RECRUIT IBOs all the time? Does any real corp do that? Scamway must do it because most of the IBOs find out sooner or later that it is losing business for them but a winning one for the uplines.