Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Amway Global - Why Do So Many IBOs Quit?

Someone posed this question on another blog so I thought I would address it here.
Why do so many IBOs quit? To me, the answer is very obvious. Because what Amway recruiters promote rarely comes true.

Many Amway recruiters discuss a "shortcut" to retirement, fabulous toys, mansions, cars and early retirement. They show an unrealistic model of how Amway works. Just sponsor 6 who sponsor 4 who sponsor 2 and everyone does 100 PV and in 2-5 years you will be a diamond making well over $100,000 a year which will roll in forever while you sit on a beach sipping exotic drinks. Okay, maybe I made it sound a little better than how some presenters show the plan, but still, many prospects really believe they will be financially free in a few years and living on easy street happily ever after.

But once the registration kit is busted, then the new IBO realizes that 100 PV may cost up to $300 a month. Attending meetings and finding people to show the plan is hard, especially when past IBOs may have tricked people into attending a meeting, or lied about the Amway opportunity. The cost of standing order and functions starts to mount. The IBO then starts to realize, that what he/she joined for was more time and money, ironically is what they have less of once they get involved in Amway, particularly if they are participating in a "system" such as BWW, WWDB, or N21.

This IBO then realizes that the good life they though was within their grasp really isn't. Then they quit. Now many IBOs sign up and do nothing. These folks don't usually have a complaint as they got what they put into the deal. But many worked the system hard only to not get any tangible rewards. Some disappear into the nite, and some come back to comment or blog about their experiences.

But the bottom line is that so many IBOs quit because, in my informed opinion, the Amway prices are generally too high, the reputation of Amway precedes itself and makes recruiting downline next to impossible, and the ongoing cost of the system starts to become a drain on the family finances, not to mention the time spent away from family and friends in order to attend meetings, plans, functions, etc.

The system doesn't work, so they quit. It's as clear as crystal to me.


Anonymous said...

So, my question back to you is which business or what opportunities in the world (consider last 40 years) come with all is hunky and dory tag attached for eternity, eh?

Joecool said...

The question is not relevent. The issue is that Amway overall is not a good opportunity for most people. Amway the corporation is a profitable company but their IBOs, or sales force are not, with the exception of some higher up pins.

MichMan said...


joecool said: "once the registration kit is busted, then the new IBO realizes that 100 PV may cost up to $300 a month"


I remember sitting down with new people to help them make their first order.

They had this long list of products that they wanted to buy... the soaps, vitamins, energy drinks, nutrition bars, etc.

Little did they realize that the order they thought would be $50 totalled over $200.

Plus we were trying to get a tool order... another $100-$200.

mrmaximum said...

"So, my question back to you is which business or what opportunities in the world (consider last 40 years) come with all is hunky and dory tag attached for eternity, eh?"

The bottom line is that Amway doesn't even come close to returning the promised investment to those who choose to devote their time and energy too. Yes it can be argued that there isn't a perfect business out there, and your right. Matter of fact, there isn't a perfect anything out there.

However, there is a bit of tweaking which can be done to many businesses out there so one can recieve a return on their investment, or simply recieve a much larger return, the vast majority of the time with Amway, the return is much smaller (or even non-existant) compared to what is invested.

It is said to be a business, right?

Mudslinger said...

they quit because they give themselves a reason to quit. little losers. awe who really cares about them anyways right?

Anonymous said...

Oh I love the word "loser". Why do most Amway people resort to name calling like using "loser"?

It is the cult programming to separate the kool-aid drinkers from the real world..

google Amway and Loser....see how many hits you get.

It must be in Amway's Corporate Cult subminimal programming..

Anonymous said...

Why do so many IBOs quit?

Because they never should have become an IBO in the first place!

It is very true that many IBOs sign up and do one can dispute that.

But - what are the IBOs who are signing up these "quitters" doing to qualify their prospects so they aren't wasting time with dead ends??

Remember Mr. IBO - YOU pursued them in the first place - thought they were "sharp" - and YOU convinced them to become an IBO!

Then when they don't do anything you want to be Pontuis Pilate and wash your hands of the situation.

Maybe "fogging a mirror" isn't the best business qualifier after all.

Mudslinger said...

What do you mean Amway people? I am not in amway but when you start something only to give yourself a reason to quit, thats loser.

why are you insulted? awe poor baby. too bad.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mudslinger, how's the weather in Benton Harbor Michigan?

Mudslinger said...

full of mud you stalker, how is the weather in fla.

Anonymous said...

The weather is Fla is wonderful. You should come visit and have a cup o java with me.

Mudslinger said...

so you can catch the IP of my wi-fi connection, ha I will let my wi-fi provider know of this so we can keep stalkers like you out of people's business.

Mudslinger said...

hey if that is the case how much would you like for tracking a few names on here for me?

Mudslinger said...

By the way what was the point of stating where i currently was? are you implying that i should be scared? are you going to kill people who make you mad? wow, you got issues.

Anonymous said...

It was easy to figure out since you have your own blog.

Anonymous said... snarky remarks concerning the actual qualifying of people IBOs sign up (you know, those losers!)

Then again it is an actual business concept - so the silence was expected! little business in "the business"!!!

Joecool said...

Yes, prospects are "sharp people" and "winners" when they are interesed in Amway. If they change their minds or quit, they immediately become "broke" or "losers", or lacking intestinal fortitude.

Anonymous said...

Joecool, this is a simple business. Change some or all of you buying habits, create some customers and build a business network that duplicates what you just did. You already do half, the other half you don't which is called sharing in the revenue. So, get the other half. Simple concept yet you just laugh at it because Walmart is a couple of bucks cheaper so it's worth it. Maybe for you but for me it makes sense to make money changing where I shop. Read Prosumer Power by Bill Quain

Joecool said...

Anonymous, if the business is so simple, why aren't more IBOs able to accomplish anything of significance in the business? Why do so many sign up and do nothing? Why do so many try and fail?

mrmaximum said...

At the end of the day, IBO's have nothing but spin and propoganda to try and further their arguement. If the business worked, there would be more success visible to anyone and everyone. Whether they be IBO's or people outside of the business.

Bottom line Mudsliger and Anon, the success ain't there..period. Try to spin that. I like to use a stat from Joe for this arguement.

1% become Directs boys....argue that.

If the business was so amazing, if it was such a simple system that you really where a loser to quit, then why are there so few 'winners'? Try that one on for size boys. Like to see you spin your way out of that one.

FYI, there are no blogs that are pro McDonalds or pro walmart, there isn't deludes of negative stories and/or experiences of walmart. If the business worked, we all would know about it....period. You wouldn't have to work so hard to prove that it worked if it did.

The overwhelming evidence is all around you, sucks having to try to stand up against such odds, huh? You will keep coming back with other ways to try to seem legitimate, and critics will hammer you with the facts.

Anonymous said...

That Prosumer book came out in 2000 as a follow-up to the "Quixtar Price is Right" book Quain wrote the year before.

Well, we know how well Quixtar turned out.

And since you can get the Prosumer book for $0.82 on Amazon, the business world has laughed it off the bookshelf.

Any other books to recommend? Maybe something a bit more recent?

Lucifer said...

Any other books to recommend? Maybe something a bit more recent? Of course, The Bible. It is just as recent by eternity standards and stands the test of time.

Anonymous said...

Get the freaking hell out of Scamway! Save your time and energy for your family! Do not help the uplines get rich at your own expsense!