Monday, November 30, 2009

Amway Global - The Reality?

Some IBOs and Amway supporters recently, and in the past have accused Joecool of planting "seeds of doubt" in the minds of IBOs. Granted, I am a critic of the Amway Global opportunity but it's not like I am telling lies about the Amway business. I am basically telling my story, and what I see wrong with the Amway opportunity, which is primarily the motivational groups such as WWDB, Network 21, and/or BWW.

These motivational groups entice prospects to join Amway, and then encourage the IBOs to subscribe to KATE, standing order, book of the month, attend seminars, open meetings, etc. These materials and seminars are often promoted as "key to your success" or "vital" to your business, yet there is no bonafide evidence that these materials help anyone to build a profitable business. Instead, the vast majority of IBOs end up channeling money into these materials, which makes their uplines wealthy. I see it as a gross conflict of interest very unethical. Yet for years, these uplines have shamelessly emptied the pockets of the downline, all the while pretending to be great leaders and teachers. If these teachings actually led to business success, there would be few critics. Some Amway apologists will claim that most if not all who go diamond and above use the system, and at the same time, disregard the millions of IBOs over the years who used the same system with no results. What I find very humorous is that the Amway Champion himself (IBOFightback) has apparently not achieved anything of significance in Amway, except for his 3% bonus, if even that.

What Amway supporters may call "seeds of doubt", is in reality, I believe an IBO's conscience simply telling the IBO that what is printed on this blog is probably the truth and that what is said here often makes more sense than what upline is teaching.

So IBOs and prospects, ask yourself, are these seeds of doubt or simply awakening your conscience who tells you to think twice?

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Anonymous said...

Very true, joecool. When I told my recruiter that in 1993 I already saw that only the top would make lots of money through the downlines, and he asked me, "Isn't it the same as in the regular company, for example, the company you work for? The CEO and the other top execs make the most money and you and the others make a little?" True, the CEO and the other top execs make the most, but I and the other empplyees at least get a paycheck plus benefits every two weeks and are able to pay for food and mortgage. Can most of the Scamway IBOs say that? I and other employess also do not upset our friends and neighbors an relatives!