Thursday, February 11, 2010

Amway Global - Are You Moving On?

I know many IBOs get excited and sign up for Amway. They see the possibility of getting wealthy and they think they can do it. That's about the time when the Upline will advise this IBO to get involved in the system. A serious business owner needs tools and tools are vital to your business. Even though there is no requuirement to purchase tools, many IBOs really have no choice when they hear things like "tools are optional, but so is succees", or "nobody has ever made it without tools but you can try to be the first". It's a defacto requirement for many IBOs, especaiily newbies who don't know better.

But even with tools, most IBOs don't even sponsor a single person, and even more disturbing, many IBOs never sell a product to customers. Some don't even try. And some uplines teach IBOs to be "prosumers" or to self consume the products.

So a very simple question for IBOs. Are you moving on? Are you getting direct value from the valuable tools? Are the tools resulting in sponsorship or at least product sales? If you attend a function for $110 and you cannot sell anything or sponsor downline, then you for no return on your investment. I know some IBOs justify themselves, claiming that tools made them nicer or some fluffy statement like that, but a real business owner would consider that a POOR investment in terms of their business. Did the standing order do anything for you? As an IBO, I constantly heard that giving away tapes/cds is sure to sponsor people. I did not witness, not even once, that a tape or cd sponsored someone. I'm sure it may have happened, but it's probably so rare that it's insignificant.

IBOs, are you moving on? If not, why not? Are your tools working or are they just an expense eating away at what little you may be earning? Are any of your crossline moving on? Are there more people quitting than moving on? Look around yourself and take note. I was once there, I just didn't notice. I hope this post serves you well.


Anonymous said...

joe, it's so awesome how you never run out of ways to say the same thing so many times. just goes to show you that this issue is probably more serious than people may realize. i'm so glad i did before it's too late, though i'm still licking my wounds after seeing my latest balance... :/

Anonymous said...

more people should and need to know that it is a waste of their time and sign-up fees to be such an IBO. when you go to their sales pitch rallies, they say if you become an IBO, you will have more free time with your families, bla bla and bla, but the matter of the fact is you spend all your free time and sometimes your work time to recruit your friends, relatives, and co-workers, fellow church members and in the end might upset a lot of them because you are constanty bugging them with your IBO concept.