Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Where Is The Success?

So many IBOs pass through my blogs and they make claims of success. But where is this success? Why aren't there hoards of former IBOs who are collecting residuial income and walking the beaches of the world? Why are crown ambassadors still working all of the functions? Why do so many IBOs make income claims and then disappear when asked for some evidence of their alleged success?

I mean if you look at a cross section of your community or country, there will be retired postal carriers, retired government workers, retired airline employees and a host of other occupations. But as far as I know, I don't know of any former Amway IBOs who have retired in full or even in part because of income they passively generate thru Amway. It might also be noteworthy that Amway the corporation does not promote residual or passive income. This is hype generated by the lines of sponsorship and a way to recruit new IBOs.

I believe that Amway sales in the US has been declining based on the figures that Amway had reported. Thus there is less money going out to IBOs and more than likely, fewer IBOs in the US, and therefore, very likely, fewer big pins.

So I ask, where is the success? Why are former IBOs who collect residual income so rare that noone I know can name even one person who is out there walking the beaches of the world while Amway checks keep rolling in? Wouldn't these folks be as common as retired postal workers or retired airlines employees? Why are they so rare that it almost seems like an extinct population? Where is the success? Maybe there is none?


Anonymous said...

oh there is...but the bigger question: at whose expense?

Joecool said...

That's the point. The only upline success comes at the expense of downline.