Monday, November 15, 2010

The Average Income?

In 2001, Amway published that the average active IBO income was $115 a month and did not factor in taxes or business expenses. What I'm curious about is why Amway hasn't updated this information. It's humorous that Amway defenders like to condemn critics by calling them outdated but don't mention that Amway themselves should update important information. I also believe that the $115 a month figure is inflated because diamonds and above are factored into the figure.

Using the 6-4-2 plan that many IBOs use in recruiting downline and estimating the PV/BV and bonus money that can be extracted from a 6-4-2 group, the average income is about $75 to $85 a month. Thus, the average income as displayed by Amway is actually above average. In the 6-4-2 plan, the majority of these IBOs make closer to $10 a month, which doesn't even cover that IBO's voicemail expenses.

So for IBOs and information seekers, you should ask how likely you are to even make $115 a month. Then factor in the projected expenses of running an Amway business and see if your chances of making a profit are realistic. Far too many people get involved and then they are taught that they are successful even if they lose money. I believe it is a technique by some uplines who just want to retain these downline IBOs so they can keep selling them standing orders and function tickets.

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