Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Why People Quit Amway?

Someone posed this question on another blog so I thought I would address it here.
Why do so many IBOs quit? To me, the answer is very obvious. Because what Amway recruiters promote rarely comes true.

Many Amway recruiters discuss a "shortcut" to retirement, fabulous toys, mansions, cars and early retirement. They show an unrealistic model of how Amway works. Just sponsor 6 who sponsor 4 who sponsor 2 and everyone does 100 PV and in 2-5 years you will be a diamond making well over $100,000 a year which will roll in forever while you sit on a beach sipping exotic drinks. Okay, maybe I made it sound a little better than how some presenters show the plan, but still, many prospects really believe they will be financially free in a few years and living on easy street happily ever after.

But once the registration kit is busted, then the new IBO realizes that 100 PV may cost up to $300 a month. Attending meetings and finding people to show the plan is hard, especially when past IBOs may have tricked people into attending a meeting, or lied about the Amway opportunity. The cost of standing order and functions starts to mount. The IBO then starts to realize, that what he/she joined for was more time and money, ironically is what they have less of once they get involved in Amway, particularly if they are participating in a "system" such as BWW, WWDB, or N21.

This IBO then realizes that the good life they though was within their grasp really isn't. Then they quit. Now many IBOs sign up and do nothing. These folks don't usually have a complaint as they got what they put into the deal. But many worked the system hard only to not get any tangible rewards. Some disappear into the nite, and some come back to comment or blog about their experiences.

But the bottom line is that so many IBOs quit because, in my informed opinion, the Amway prices are generally too high, the reputation of Amway precedes itself and makes recruiting downline next to impossible, and the ongoing cost of the system starts to become a drain on the family finances, not to mention the time spent away from family and friends in order to attend meetings, plans, functions, etc.

The system doesn't work, so they quit. It's as clear as crystal to me.


Anonymous said...

i'm glad i did!

roberta said...

Is that what YOU did? QUIT? And now you spend all your time and effort in "setting the record straight?"

WOW!!! I'm not sure what you were told but what you have written here is NOT accurate.

You forgot about the fact that when you do purchase products you get a quality product and savings... YES, in the past couple of years the corporation has made adjustments to their pricing and it is comparable to even WM & T. And in this economy why wouldn't you want to save... not only money but time and steps too?!!!

This is NOT the old model any more... AND it does take work. The work is fun though... listening to a need that someone has and providing a solution with a top-notch quality product.

I know you say "snake oil"... well, IF that were true I'm sure they would NOT give their products to the watchdog group ConsumerLab .com. With these products I have seen great health improvements!

Just because it's not the old "industrial age" model does not make this business model bad... get with the times... this is the information age.

To me it just sounds like you have a chip on your shoulder. What a shame to see someone put so much time into smearing the name of someone else... that is really sad!

I wish you luck in trying to find something more positive to do with your life. May you find happiness, not in putting someone else down but in building yourself up.

Hope you have a BLESSED Christmas!

Joecool said...

Hi Roberta,

Thanks for commenting. I am not here to set the record straight. I am just sharing my real experiences and opinions on Amway with those who seek it. The fact is that the vast majority of people lose money in the hopes of getting rich.

The tools are usually the reason for the losses. I would guess your net after subtracting expenses is also a loss like most people. Prove me wrong if you wish. Amway is not cheaper than WalMart. One good example, a 10 ounce bottle of Amway shampoo costs $8.00 or more? I can get a 20 ounce bottle of shampoo at Walmart for $1.99. There are many examples.

And Amway is more expensive because the cost of those lavish diamond bonuses are included in the cost of Amway goods. WalMart doesn't pay bonuses so they sell it cheaper.

I don't have a chip on my shoulder. I just share information and you are welcome to debate me or bring up opposing opinions and they will be shared on this blog.

Maybe you can show some actual price comparisons to make your point?

Shari said...

Joecool, what shampoo are you buying at Walmart? My neice is an IBO and I purchased the shampoo from her. I was using a product from my hairdressers which cost $20 a bottle and I find the Amway brand comparable to it. I see that I'm saving $12 a bottle. I think you are comparing apples to oranges.

Joecool said...

You can buy Suave for $1.99 at WalMart.

Anonymous said...

roberta is full of it--and that is NOT a put-down; that is the TRUTH! =)

Anonymous said...

one thumb down for anyone is still yelling for amway, You think you are doing business but actually a self customer for amway.

Anonymous said...

Quit two weeks ago and I am BEYOND happy!