Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Another Possible Way To Earn More Than IBOs?

Start a blog! Joecool's blog currently gets about 250 to 300 site visitors per day, although I run my blog as a public service (no profit). Start your own blog and start earning!


The anonymous blogger behind Lazy Man and Money defies his site's name. He works about 14 hours a day on weekdays and then puts in nine hours on Saturday and Sunday. But his hard work is paying off -- his blog earns him enough to support his lifestyle; back in 2008, he estimated his annual earnings at around $30,000. But it's tough for part-time bloggers with full-time jobs to keep up with all the demands of a lucrative blog. "There's simply a lot more [to do] than what the average reader sees," he says.

Even if the blog itself doesn't generate a six-figure salary, it can lead to other money-making opportunities, such as consulting or speaking gigs. Silicon Valley Blogger at The Digerati Life has carved out a successful niche as the expert on personal finance and technology in Silicon Valley. While she says she didn't earn much during the first six months of her blog's life, she received her first $100 check from Google AdSense shortly after that point, when she was getting around 600 unique visitors a day. She now earns money from her blog-related consulting, as well.


Anonymous said...

good for her!

amway is a cult.

Anonymous said...

This is the way to go and not Amway. Do it yourself. Almost no start-up costs except for domain name registration and hosting. You can find the same "tools" and books Amway uses at your local library, not to mention hundreds of actually useful books on business, blogging, marketing, inspiration, web design etc. And it's your business, no group meetings, rules, functions, restrictions.