Friday, April 15, 2011

Amway IBO Comment?

All you negative people make me laugh!!! DO you relized that you work for a living? Do you relaize that you work for SOMEBODY? Do you realize you will not make more than your boss in the "position" you are at? Will your boss ever make mmore than his boss? Will anyone make more than the owner, president, or CEO of the company YOU WORK for as an emplyoee? I didn't think so.

Let me ask you this, why does a muti-billionaire like Robert Kiyosaki whom wrote New Yorks best selling book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" talk nothing but great things about Quixtar, Amway, Etc. The reason he does, is because he like that we are being shown how to become business owners, not sales peolpe. You will never get ahead in the E-Quadrant which is the emplyees status, or the S-Quad which is the sel-employeed people. They make a lot of money, but thier time belongs to someone else, and their is no gurantee that you have a job or brick and mortar business the very next day.

I wish these thumb-sucking negative weenies would get out of their pitty party and do something in life to help themselves and families instead of sucking the life out of positive go-getters that want the best for their families, and other families with this great opportunity from Quixtar.

Negative people are the bucket of crabs analogy. Have you ever seen a bucket of crabs that are miserable in eachothers company because they are confined, restricted, limited, have no FREEDOM? Then one day 1-crab out of 20 or 40 crabs looks up and sees opportunity when he sees the sky and the light, where there are no limits, the crab heads way for the top of th bucket and just as the crab reaches the top and sees and smells freedom...the crabs below reach up and grabs the crab that wants better than the ugly situation its in down there and pulls him right back into the misery.

Anyone who is reading this, put yourself in that crabs position, do you want life to pass you by and take you down, when you want to live life to its fullest for the better of yourself and your family ? Are you Man or woman enough to do what ever it takes to give your family and yourself your freedom?

JOHN - Silver in Amway


Anonymous said...

John, I am glad to see Joe dedicated a page to your post so that others can read what is typical Amway Speak with ZERO basis of fact.

#1)Why are Ambots like yourself all trained to assume that we are all miserable people that work for someone else. Will you ever make more than your boss who is the Amway Corporation? I think not. Yes John, you are not a business owner, you work for Amway and the motivational organization that lines their pockets selling you functions and CDs.They make all you decisions for you.

#2)I just love when Ambots mention Rich Dad, Poor Dad. It is one of the dumbest financial advice books I have ever read. It contains many factual errors and numerous extremely unlikely accounts of events that supposedly occurred.
Kiyosaki is a salesman and a motivational speaker. He has no financial expertise and won’t disclose his supposed real estate or other investment success.
Rich Dad, Poor Dad contains much wrong advice, much bad advice, some dangerous advice, and virtually no good advice.
A review of his book basically sums up his flawed advice " Kiyosaki basically ignores the concept of risk. In Kiyosaki’s world, there is no risk, or at least it’s not a big enough factor to ever worry about. His books encourage people to start working for themselves, but the individuals who would be attracted to Kiyosaki’s work are individuals who generally don’t have the backbone, the salesmanship, the acumen, or the pre-existing network to make such plans work."
Wrong advice, much bad advice, some dangerous advice, and virtually no good advice is the advice IBOs are given by the Big Pin Uplines who line their pockets through the sale of motivational tools and functions. They will tell you "you can start your own business with no risk", they fail to tell you that it will require fulltime hours and a so called investment in brainwashing motivational materials and functions and they will eventually insist that you must participate in order to be successful.

#3) Why do Ambots assume we are all negative simply because of our opinion about Amway and the motivational organizations that we were part of. We are successful with our own businesses and yes some of us are successful and happy in real jobs. We were in Amway long enough to realize that the only real success was selling and profiting from "the system" and keeping enough IBOs in "the system" and that profit is only shared with you when you are at a high pin level and you must lie to all your downline that "the Diamonds don't make money from speaking engagements or the sale of tools"

#4) Think of this using your Crab in the Bucket analogy The statistics would show that for 35,000 distributors at a Free Enterprise function, there are 5 potential Diamond Distributors (not including any Diamonds giving speeches). In reality, 99.99% of those people will not "go diamond;" in fact, 99.18% of those people won't even "go direct." Thats a lot of crabs left looking up to the sky or shall I say stage until they see the light and leave the business.

I have been in the crab's position, looking up at the stage dreaming of becoming Diamond, neglecting my family, being CORE and working my ass off.I hope blogs like this educate people before they are sucked into something that is nothing more than a cult.

***Former WWDB Lemming***

Anonymous said...

The regurgitation of Tape-Speak and cheeseball chest-pounding and challenging of peoples' manhoods make US laugh, John! The facts DO count, John - the well-chronicled lies and deceptive practices of Amway organizations like WWDB and BWW are no way to do business. Are you man enough to face up to those facts? Me, I thank God everyday that I was freed from the bondage that you perversely revere as freedom.

-----Daniel the (former) Ambot

Anonymous said...

We make you laugh, huh? Our years and years of financial, emotional, physical investment is funny?

Yes, we laugh our butts off everytime we think of the lost years with our children, thousands of lost dollars for nothing, eschewing family and friends chasing an illusion. I just laught till I cry. Silly me.

Billionaire Robert K. talks great things b/c amway keeps his book on the required reading list. Just watch that little love affair crash and burn when amway decides they no longer want his book on their list.

Oooohh, and all your big grown-up talk of E-Quadrants, and S-Quads - so impressive. Which meeting did you get that from? We heard it all too, and spouted it off just like you are now. We're not moved. And your time belongs to amway - you just don't know it yet.

As for us 'thumb-sucking negative weenies? Many of us are legitimate business owners employing lots of people - paying them a consistent wage, vacations, 401(k)s, paid holiays, sick days, bonuses, etc.

You do not know from day to day whether or not you will have a business either. Just try telling your up-line you plan to advertise any which way you choose - see how that flies. Try not going to the endless brainwashing meetings. See how that flies. Don't do 100-500 pv a month for about 6 months. See how that......well, you know.

Bucket of crabs? Um, Newbie, they were teaching that crap 15 years ago. Oh, sorry. Did you think that a really cool NEW technique?

Life is not passing us by. It couldn't be better. We actually got ours back when we finally got the nerve to walk away from the soul sucking, finance draining, robotic-mind control entity called amway/quixtar/wwdb/bww/TEAM/etc.

It's so obvious you are new. Pity you.

Anonymous said...

Funniest thing I've read all day! It is really hard to take him seriously with poor grammar and simple spelling mistakes!

Joecool said...

I wonder where Robert Kiyosaki would be if not for the Amway IBOs buying his books?

Joecool said...

Diamonds suing other diamonds. Diamonds breaking away from their "mentors" over tool money.

Aren't diamonds also "crabs in a bucket"?

Anonymous said...

I especially like this quote from one of his books.
“I do not recommend looking into a network marketing business primarily for the money.”

I ask you this Kiyosaki, Why in hell would you look into or invest in a business if it wasn't with the intent to earn money?
And all the time in the business I thought the goal was to make money to afford all the riches the diamonds threw in our faces, I guess I had it all wrong. ;)

****Former WWDB Lemming****

Joecool said...

I did a blog post about Kiyosaki, Don Lapre and other "wealth gurus".

In reality, none of these systems work, save for an exceptional few. It's why there's always a disclaimer, such as "unique experience", when they show off success testimonies.

Anonymous said...

I am Aurora. Watch me roar.

I am Anon April 11, 5:44 am.

Was I a little rough on the rascal newbie?

Too freaking bad.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the whole "you'll never make more than your boss in a real job" argument. Who really cares about that? I have never been involved in amway, but know people who are heavily into it. I work a regular job and I don't care that my boss makes more. He IS the boss, and a great one. I'm just happy to make a very nice salary and to have more than enough to take care of my family. Amway is purely driven by greed. As another commenter already stated, ambots will never make more than their Amway bosses!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

So let me ask you this, all the time you people spend bashing amway/quixtar or whatever you want to call it what has it accomplished for you?? Yes I am in Amway. Yes I am an IBO. Do I consider my self an ambot or some other term you people like to call it? nope. If you people got into amway became IBO's were lazy and didn't build your business your own way than I pity you all. You are suckers. You chose to go an spend your money on motivational CD's and Tapes. You chose to follow the poor advise of you got form your upline or you were just plain lazy and couldn't sell, so you quit and decided to place the blame elsewhere besides yourself.

I don't see how people think the products are over priced. I find the Vitamins to be less expensive and of better quality then stuff I'd find in GNC, Vitamin Shoppe and other such stores. The Cleaning products work great and are much less expensive than the likes of Lysol, 409, Tide, Gain, Pine sol etc etc. The Energy drinks are also pretty damn good vs the likes of sugar loaded crap like Red bull, Monster and other such drinks. So again I say too you what is there to bash? You suck selling easy to market items that is your fault not the business model fault.

I don't go to meetings, I don't listen to CD's. When my upline says I should go to a convention or do something I don't want to do I simply say "NO, I'm doing fine with out it" I get my checks every month and I am doing just fine. My business is growing and I couldn't be happier. This whole planet has a problem at placing blame on others instead of living up to your own inequities. Most people can't hack it as IBO's cause they get sucked into the "GET RICH QUICK" idea and forget it's a BUSINESS that you need to invest TIME and ENERGY for it to grow!! Go open a brick and mortar store tomorrow and tell me how you do your first week, month, year. It is just really sad how all I hear is "amway is a scam!" well so is corporate America and 90% of business in general nobody seems to have a problem with Wall Street or the Financial institutions that scamed ohh what 150+ BILLION from the tax payers? wake up people! stop being sheep! think for yourself and stop blaming everyone else for your own stupid mistakes!

Anonymous said...

tell that to all the other ambots who are sheep led to the WOLVES IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING just like in any other cult. oh....but look in the mirror first. :)

ConnieF said...

To Anonymous of June 29, 2011, the self proclaimed Ambot: You tell the critics to 'stop being sheep" and "stop blaming others for your stupid mistakes"??

That's hilarious, because you're part of a cult. You're just too much of a brainwashed sheep making a stupid mistake being involved in Amway to see it or admit it. LMAO.