Monday, April 18, 2011

Comment By IBO "Robb"

Wow, i'm amazed at the lack of intelligence (and proper spelling and grammar - i know, i don't capitalize so i'm a hypocrite) on BOTH sides of this argument. first, a little background - i have a degree in chemical engineering and graduated first in my class. just saying this so you know i'm not an idiot.

Your comment: "You're buying products. That's not a form of making money. And you'll be spending way more for each, on average, than you ever will have before. Get it straight: You're simply becoming a consumer of a line of products and tools; Amway and the AMOs will make a healthy profit from all the cash you send them."

Answer: Yes, much like WalMart, McDonald's, Walgreens, Starbucks, etc. will make a healthy profit from all the cash you send them. The only difference here is that by buying Amway products, I'm not paying for advertisements. Amway never claimed to be a non-profit company - yes, they make money. if you don't like that, then grow up - it's business.
Second, my wife and I have tracked our product spending over the past several months, and we are NOT spending any additional money on Q products vs. what we spent before at other stores/restaraunts/etc. In fact, we're at the 12% bonus level, therefore getting 12% more back that we EVER did at those other places. oh, and our personal use (as a couple) is at 250PV, without spending any EXTRA money over what we used to spend...

And on the saturation idea, do your real world numbers mr. calculator... we are actually falling behind population growth, not overcoming it as you like to suggest. saturation is a complete myth. why are we falling behind? because 1) not a large percentage of people are seriously building an Amway business and 2) a lot of those who are use horribly vague and ineffective presentations. my sponsorship rate is over 50% (and climbing)... learn how to show a plan, and even the ones who don't become involved will have a positive idea of what Amway does.

And on the pyramid thing... geez, this one is so annoying... EVERY company pays a small cut the people who are responsible for getting a product or service into your hands. here, some of those steps have simply been replaced by other active IBO's. what we do is no different in concept than when an engineering firm owner hires 10 engineers (or contracts them) to go work on projects. he tell them "i'll pay you x% of each project you complete" and he keeps the rest... the only real difference is that Amway is a completely level playing field for everyone who gets in, whereas the owner of the engineering firm is always making the most amount of money... that's right, we're MORE FAIR and BETTER than most business payout structures. i create volume personally and contract out the rest. i pay people who create volume for me, they can do the exact same, and because of this they can pass me tomorrow! this can happen because if the volume that leg creates is greater than my entire group volume (minus leg A) then he makes more money than i do!!!! and don't say "well there's always someone at the bottom," because the de-saturation that is happening proves that they are either at the bottom by choice or because they are incapable of showing the plan to someone.

so why don't you try to go shut down walmart, starbucks, target, microsoft, etc. for their pyramid schemes? in reality, they are MUCH more like one than we are.



Anonymous said...

Robb, Robb, Robb;

All ambots do is try to tell ours jobs are more of a pyramid than amway. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz................

You tell us all the wonderfulness of being in amway - own your own business (until your upline decides otherwise - I witnessed it with my own eyes; decide who you want to work with (anything with a pulse); you are 'saving' so much money with your bonuses, be they 3%, 6%, 9%, 12% or higher (contrast that to what you lay out in tools and functions and that 12% dissolves rather quickly; and on ad nauseum.

Now, let's list what amway doesn't give you:

even the slightest security
paid vacations
paid sick days
paid holidays
401(k) contributions
weekly paycheck
social security match

Shall I go on? How's that 12% looking now? Will it consistently cover all those things plus savings?

We worked it 6 nights a week for years., hard core times ten on steroids, recruited a shit-load of people, never EVER missed a function, sat on boxes of unsold CASSETTE TAPES (as downline quit or just refused to pay for them - you can't return them unless you are o.k. being loser)we were 500 personal pv EVERY month.

Save your TAPESPEAK for other ambots. We can spot you a mile away.

David said...

Hey Robb:
How about a peek at your income tax return and Schudule C for last year. That will tell me how great and opportunity you have.

Anonymous said...

robb, you ARE an idiot. oh well!

**proud Amway hater**

Anonymous said...

good luck getting a job to pay out your non existent 401k there is no such thing as pension anymore or social security pretty soon amway will be the only way and you ignorant negative people will see that and yes we do have paid vacations and if we want every day can be a "sick" day

Anonymous said...

Oh, so amway will be the 'only' option after all negative nellies lose their jobs? Really?

I was thinking maybe:

house keeping
in-home care (always a need for that)
anything in the medical field

Crap, even McDonald's would be preferrable to amway.

Then ambots could say, "Well, who is going to pay all those bennies in THOSE jobs?

No one said they pay bennies. But, oh, that's right, amway pays no bennies either.

Hey, Snot Nose, if I was your employer and found out you were being taught to hate my guts, I'd fire your ass.

Yours truly,

Anonymous said...

Wow Anon@1:31AM. Unfortunately you are nothing but an Ambot troll. You do a great job of making yourself and Amway look bad with your moronic comments. Like I'm sure every day can be a sick day for you, just ask your boss, you'll be fired in a heartbeat. Don't expect to take everyday off when you are Diamond either because you will be busy touring the country do speaking engagements to ensure that idiots like you stay brainwashed.
Please feel free to reply with another brain dead Amway speak comment.

***Former WWDB Lemming***

Anonymous said...

Just a though on Amway's position about jobs that I've never seen asked or answered. Let's assume for a moment that the Amway business the is the best in the world and anybody working a job has a mentality of failure. When everyone has seen the light and has their own Amway business; who will be producing the items the Amway people are selling/using? Who will be shipping them and managing the warehousing required for all these products? Why don't the Amway people start directing their venom about how bad a job is directly at these people?