Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Debt Free Illusion?

One of the things our upline taugnt the downline IBOs was to get out of debt. Nobody can argue that consumer debt is good. Everyone should strive to be debt free, save for your mortgage perhaps. But my former (WWDB) leaders, I believe taught people to get out of debt only because they wanted downline to have disposable cash to purchase tools. It was obvious by their teaching.

Debt was bad. I heard Greg Duncan speak (at a function) about how stupid it was to make any loans because the banks made their living off the interest. Ironically, Mr. Duncan apparently had interest only loans in his name several years ago, when he was in bankruptcy proceedings.

But the theme was to get of debt, but it was okay to "invest" in your Amway business and it was okay to go into debt if if meant that you were buying standing orders or buying more function tickets. The underlying message I get from that is that the leaders don't truly care about your financial situation, just that they want you to focus your spending on thei personal interests.

This gets dicey when IBOs might get the impression that they should cash out their 401Ks. or sell their homes to reduce debt. The long term collateral damage from this kind of advice might bring ruin to some families. Some IBOs may even be in more debt because of advice from their sage upline, but will simply shrug it off and lie about their finances. I can confirm this by the teaching WWDB has or had, which was to fake it till you make it. Meaning you give the appearance of success, even if you don't have it. Or in other words, give the illusion of being debt free.

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