Monday, May 2, 2011

Interesting Amway Comment?

This was a response to an IBOFB comment. Enjoy!

27.I want to reference comments 7 and 8 previously, as they seem to be the culmination of an interesting exchange between the reasonably informed and articulate of both camps. (We can very safely ignore the drooling and implanted newbie-sentiments of currently indoctrinated cult members posting on this site in the interests of balance and lucidity)
ibofightback, how can you face yourself in the mirror each day? Are you partaking in a mental excercise where you gain sick satisfaction from countervailing logic and arguing that black is white in order to demonstrate some half arsed, twisted, academic/intellectual superiority? Or do you have too much to lose NOT to adopt a defensive stance towards the patently indefensible? I do actually have some retrospective knowledge and valuable input, having been involved in the early 90′s thankfully to a limited extent, but long enough to peel back the wafer-thin, highly polished veneer to reveal the rank, stinking underbelly of the AMO’s (Amway Motivational Organisations) and the “mechanics” of this finely-honed bait and switch deception. I reached my conclusions 20 years ago, and they are totally consistent with the views of antoverlord. The only thing that astonishes me is that this monumental, actually evil and truly inhuman SCAM/CULT is still extant in 2010, given the overwhelming and compelling evidence that exists to inform and enlighten. Start the ball rolling with “Merchants of Deception” by Eric Scheibeler by all means…
To continue (given the wearisome reality that it is a near impossible task to raise a congent argument to offset the bovine, obdurate and obtuse spoon-fed ignorance as exhibited and recycled by the assimilatees within this cult

FACT Almost everyone in Amway loses a great deal in terms of life-energy, time better spent, money (depending on how long they stick with it before wising-up) and self respect. The percentages are a matter of record and these people cannot be generalised as losers.

FACT In terms of the sum total of human misery, disilliusionment and loss Amway is (probably) the vilest organisation blighting the face of the planet, effectively sanctioning the activities of the Motivational-Tool toting kingpin IBO thieves, whilst distancing themselves from direct involvement. The dynamics of this decades-long deception are a fascinating study in itself. How many BILLION man-hours have been wasted, and how many BILLION useless miles driven merely to increase the throughput of overpriced GUNK to the obscene enrichment of a handful of truly wicked,greedy and manipulative individuals? I have heard “successful” Diamonds BRAG about driving 90,000 miles a year to SHOW THE PLAN. Leaving aside the environmental impact, within a year or so the income dried up as the attrition rate (never discussed) followed the laws of mathematics to the inevitable conclusion. Yes Guys and Gals, the power of duplication can actually be slowed and reversed…and a damm site quicker than it takes to build.

Go figure, as they say.

Comment by Steve Howarth | February 28, 2010 |


Anonymous said...

Hot dang! Excellent, but geez, I had to get out my trusty dictionary.

Lighten up on us high-school grads, would ya?

Any guesses, IBOA-what-the-hell-ever-he-calls-himself ambot will not respond to this?

Love it.


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**proud Amway hater**