Monday, September 12, 2011

Amway Meetings?

A recent comment:

Here is my experience with amway. I got involved with it because of a very close friend of mine. I went to several of the meetings, watched people draw circles, and was promised that I could make a truckload of money. (Their words, not mine).

I went to two "seminars". The first time, just before the seminar started, I went to find a restroom. A man standing in front of the restroom door asked me in a loud and unfriendly voice what I was doing there. I told him I needed to used the restroom. He answered, again loudly, for me to hurry it up.

The seminar felt like a revival meeting gone bad. They played uplifting (cheesy) songs and did a lot of whooping and hollering. The same dumbass who yelled at me before the meeting told everyone in the audience that he loved everyone there. To top it all off, the ONLY refreshments at the end of the seminar was water. Nothing else. Nothing else from the nouveau riche and big spenders.

The other time was at a community center. The speaker was extremely boring. And yet, the promoters made this seminar sound like I was going to have an audience with the Pope. The wife of the boring speaker also got up and said, and I quote: "I don't know how many of you are Christians, but I really prayed a lot about this." Here I was, the only Jew in the audience and she made it seem that only her lot had the monopoly on prayer.

As I have low blood sugar, I went to find a drink. I found a soda machine, but it was blocked by a woman who told me that the machine would make too much noise and interrupt the meeting. I told her that I pitied the poor schmuck who would deny me a drink, and I put my money in the machine anyway. I immediately left.

My friend would often give me lists of books and let me borrow tapes. The books were pedestrian at best and the tapes - at $5.00 each - were of the poorest quality. I listened to an voice mail from "Dexter Yeager" the former beer truck driver who made it big as an "amway distributor". I may as well have listened to Tony Soprano.

So, what is MY dream? I will be no one's foot soldier ever again.


Chris H in Michigan said...

Oh boy! Why do some of the affiliate groups have to conduct themselves this way. This is the stereotype image we are trying so hard to change. Thought we got rid of most of it when the Team of Destiny leadership was kicked out. Looks like there's still more work to do.

Anonymous said...

the stereotype image will always be there. accept it.