Friday, May 18, 2012

Testimonial Of Someone Recruited By An Amwayer?

A recent testimonial of someone recruited by an Amwayer:

I just got back from a seminar after a mutual friend suggested that if I wanted to make some extra cash after my other jobs I should come to it. I tried asking what I would be doing and basically he kept saying that it's hard to say over the phone or in person and that it's best for the speaker at the seminar to let me in on everything. That was my first red flag. He kept alluding to marketing, but then would stop himself from going further.

When I got to the presentation a man came on stage and for about an hour he kept stating that this is no pyramid scheme and that in 4 years time you'd be able to retire from your other jobs and be this guy making six figures selling shampoos and making money off of your sponsees.

I came out of it feeling really skeptical about the whole thing. I did some research and I've read about how a lot of people lose money from the whole thing and I was wondering if anyone from GAF was ever involved with Amway or anything similar? Anyone have any good stories about MLM schemes?


2 of my ex-teammates seemed to have been suckered in. I'm going to just let them figure it out for themselves.

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