Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Amway Prospecting?

Here's an email I received from an IBO who tried to prospect me a while ago. Enjoy!


Question Have you heard of Amway? This is an 10 billion dollar company, it has helped millions of people become millionaires. Now this business is not a get rich quick scheme, not all, this is a business in which dedication and effort is put into. I don't know if you know but alot of business holders put alot of time into their business and do you know that before they actually see any money come in (profit) it normally takes 1-3 yrs. As for this business you see profit in your first month. This is an E-Commerce business . Tell you what..I'm gonna give you some websites to look us up and you decide on whether you think this is for you. Websites: www.Amway.com; www.bww.com; www.thisbiznow.com; you could even look us up in the better business bureau, we are one of the biggest company that owe no money to the government, that tells you alot of the type of company that we dealing with above all we are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Also keep in mind alot of us put 4 yrs or more of our life into education or our jobs and 90% percent of the time we don't end up doing what we went to school for or we end up putting up with a lot of issues and stress at work. Right? All we ask if that you take a shot at this business and you will see a lot of great things happening. I know I have. This business is for everyone, you don't even need a diploma or anything of that kind. As long as you are willing to listen and let yourself be guided then you can become a Business Owner. If you want to further discuss this you can call me at 347-xxx-xxxx. I look forward to hearing from you.

P.S Check my facebook page out, look at the album "FED 2010" that was this weekend that past..all those people you see in the picture are Independent Business Owners. On some of them I wrote the word "Diamond" that means that those particular people make 6'figures every year. We all can achieve that goal you just have to have faith and persarverance to achieve that. I know that's what we want and we are gonna get there. Wouldn't it be good to fire your boss and you become your own boss or as they say the "captain of the ship" .


Anonymous said...

Has helped "millions of people become millionaires"? LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Of course, ask for any data to back that up and like all the other statistics they pull straight out of their ass an answer will not be forthcoming.

Of course, it goes against Amway's own literature which shows less then 1% of all IBO's will make any kind of decent money. Hardly "millions".

Kind of like when they say "The government shows that 97% of people will be broke or dead by the time they are 65, unless they are in Amway".
"Oh really? Do you have a link to that data?"
"Uh, no, but trust me when I say it is true".

"Truth" and "Amway" are oxymorons.

Anonymous said...

If my figures are accurate, it would look something like this:

3 million IBOs dividing 6.3 billion dollars given back to them according to the poster (his figure, not mine) = $2100 per IBO

If only 1% get the lion's share of that 6.3 bil, it comes to $210,000.

That's gross revenue. Before taxes. Before ALL amway expenses.

Nice money but not near what they describe to you as walk-a-way money. If some Diamonds are making in the millions then it is even worse for lesser pins (unless they are very wide AND very deep) Is my math correct?

Joecool said...

Not to mention if Amway pays out about 30% of their sales back to IBOs as a bonus, then that figure worldwide would be closer to 3 billion. While it's a lot of money, it's not much when divided up amongst all those IBOs. Factor in expenses and it's possible that the entire group as a whole, operates at a loss.

ConnieF said...

"As for this business you see profit in your first month"
This is just laughable!
Tell you what, you show me your personal Net Worth statement and your business Profit & Loss statement. If you're doing better than I am, I'll listen to you.

Otherwise, opinions are like assholes-everyone's got one.

Gordon Freeman said...

Good God, if I received a resume or cover letter with that many typos, I wouldn't think twice about throwing it in the trash. What kind of impression does this Ambot think he's creating?

Andrew Barbaro said...

U guys sound like idiot of coarse not everyone is gonna make money people are going to loose money cuz there dumb... if u no what ur doing in this business u can make alot of.money the business.plan doesnt.lie and works if u no what ur doing.. U just need.to be on a good business team that has an.invested interest in u.. I no plenty of.people that make money everymonth and I no.people who have blew money or just qiut... remember this is.just one persons opinion out of millions in business... It is a multi billion dollar company owned by the Orlando magic now thats credable to me..

Anonymous said...

wow andrew you really are a sucker. AH WELL! :)

Anonymous said...

Andrew either your six or you should invest some of those millions in a writing/spelling instructor. Of course when your stinky rich i guess proper grammar and writing probably doesn't matter much. What I'm saying is that I'd rather be poor and well educated then totally rich and a complete jackoff. My buddy got me to go to the FED "conference" in Portland,OR. It was cool. By cool i mean three days of rain and never being told how it really works. Just how to keep at "it", without ever clarifying what the hell "it" was. By day three i said piss on it and went to the pub most of the day before heading to the conference in nice jeans and a button up short sleeve shirt. I thought all these over dressed jerks were going to crucify me. Sorry i didn't bring three suits, i only own one. Anyway, it's like going to church, they make you laugh, they make you cry, they make you introduce yourself to the person to your left and your right. It may work for some but just checking out this blog today opened my eyes and i think it's a joke.

Wilhelmina said...

Hi, my sister keeps pestering me to come to those Amway meetings!!!! I hate it!!!!! I tell her no but she keeps going at it!!!! Help!!!'

Joecool said...

What help do you need? My contact info is in my profile.

Admin istration said...

@andrew thank you, I'm not a horrid grammar nazi when it comes to the internet rants but this grammar made my eyes and brain hurt. Why can't Amway teach anyone to retaliate against the bathroom wall of society in a coherent way? I guess it will be covered at the next can't miss spring leadership that will put you six months ahead; So fired up!please just stop and go back to building your business and limiting your vocabulary. Thank you, sincerely captain dream stealer.

Joecool said...

Captain Dream Stealer? Now that is a good one!