Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Amway Global - Joecool's Visitors

An interesting trend I have noticed recently is the increasing number of hits I am receiving on my two (2) blogs from international sites. Seems like a lot of hits are coming from India, Canada, the UK, and Australia. Many of these sites had multiple hits. Anyway, here is a compiled list of countries who visited Joecool's blogs. It was quite a learning experience as I had never heard of some of these international cities.

Istanbul Turkey
Lipka Poland
Sydney Australia
Beijing China
Bankok Thailand
Sherwood Park Canada
Jhamshedpur, India
Scarborough, Canada
South Wales Australia
Brisbane Australia
Aizwal India
Boissevain Canada
Stockholm Sweden (IBOFightback)
Pune, India
Cape Town South Africa
Auckland New Zealand
Watford UK
Dawson Creek British Columbia
Santa Domingo – Domincan Republic
Brandon Canada
Kingston Australia
Seymour Australia
Montreal Canada
Edmonton Canada
Red Deer Canada
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Madras India
Mandurah Western Australia
Charlestown St Kitts & Nevis
Bedford UK
London UK
Kootingal Australia
Smithville Canada
Munich Germany
Bettria Sweden
Bristol UK
Adelaide Australia
Gatineau Canada
Burnaby Canada
Sampaloc Philllipines
Chesterfield UK
Madrid Spain
Bury UK
Regina Canada
Copenhagen Denmark
Paris France
Durban South Africa
Birmingham England


Anonymous said...

That IS interesting. It must mean that the company is doing so well to be expanding in so many countries and territories. And so many new people are looking to research the company.

Anonymous said...

ah, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they'll join. =)