Monday, November 17, 2008

Critics vs. Supporters

There is a big division between critics and supporters in the Amway business. I believe that critics play an important role in providing information to the information seeking public. Some promoters of the opportunity are less than honest about what they present and in fact, discourage prospects from seeking more information. It is true that a "rogue" critic who may just be mad at the world may not provide that factual information, but many critics are simply sharing their experiences so others may see the hazards and problems that plagued their experience, and prospects can look out and possibly avoid these same pitfalls.

There are a few supporters, in particular, one who has made it his personal mission to defend Amway, apparently pro bono. But these supporters, are they truly helping the cause? These Amway defenders set up google alerts so they can be notified each and everytime someone writes something about Amway or Quixtar. When there's new information posted, they drop into the blog or forum to quickly "clear up" what they consider to be misconceptions about Amway. In some instances, these so called defenders such as IBOFightback or Bridgett, drop into a conversation unwanted. They drop into an established online community to set them straight about Amway. Instead of setting anyone straight, they simply tick off a host of online community members who are now 100% sour on Amway. Here's a great example:

It is my opinion that the likes of IBOFightback and Bridgett do more harm to the Amway name than good. Imagine you are sitting at a bar with some buddies and someone brings up Amway into the discussion. Some guy across the room comes running over to your gang and says you are all obviously wrong and misled about Amway. Do you invite the guy over to talk with you or punch him in the nose? I'm not saying they don't have a right to publish their own blogs and stories, but to drop into an established forum and trying to "set them straight" is like an unwanted house guest. Thoughts?


rocket said...

100% on the money.

I wonder why Steadson and Baron don't come here?

I guess they're too evolved for the likes of us.

I can't wait until I'm smart enough to be in a non profitable business.

Joecool said...

IBOFB and Bridgett have visited this blog. I guess when the truth is posted, there's not much you can say????

Joecool said...

Comment on fanhome about IBOFB and his "ilk"

"It should be apparent that you are not wanted here. It isn't just me, none of the responses have been positive, have they?

FanHome is not a place for salespeople, it never has been. You are not doing yourselves or your company any good with this."

Gina said...

O brother....they think they are doing people a favor by accosting them at a store or restaurant or whatever, so they think they are doing people a favor by dropping in to a forum where they are not welcomed and where members were having a civil discussion themselves. Note that no critic showed up to rally the troops.
IBO's can try to spin the critical views of Amway/Quixtar by saying that people will post negativity before they post positivity but they are here to change that, but they have forgotten one simple thing...there are whole websites devoted to peoples reviews of practically anything for sale. Hotels, snow blowers, home products even cars, despite what Wearyeyed had to say (duh, and people consider these reviews when researching a product, negative as well as positive. All the three stooges did there was support our criticism. So I guess they really were doing people a favor!!!! LOL....Thanks guys!!!!

Oh and the three stooges don't post anymore on this website, quixtar blog, or other critical websites because they can't handle those pesky facts that are thrown at them. Tapespeak only takes a brainwashed troll so far.

Anonymous said...

Google alerts to monitor amway?

Sounds like a pure troll to me.

Joecool said...

It's quite humorous. A critic may speak about something he or she experienced and these trolls will be all over the story trying to discredit the messenger or the message. They never address the problem of the upline or leader who gave out the bad information.

It's complete spin doctoring.

A good example is the clueless Bridgett. Critics mentioned they heard diamonds speaking about paying off houses in cash. In response Brigett says she heard "many a diamond" over the years talk about renting homes. She then deflects the issue when asked to name the diamonds and she mentions one incident where she heard it, although she didn't describe the context of renting. For example, did the diaond say I'm renting until my 6000 square foot mansion (paid in cash) is built?

She later deflects the conversation because I mentioned some arena had perhaps 20,000 IBOs in it and she said the same arena is configured to seat only 15,000.
(As if 15,000 IBOs hearing bad information is ok)

She did everything but back up her claim. Typical but not unexpected.

Momo said...

how do you quit Amway Global? Sorry if this sounded like a stupid question. But I'm struggling on quitting.