Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Amway Global - It's All About Recruiting?

One of the reasons Amway Global is considered legal is because agents are not paid directly for recruiting others. Some other MLM opportunities were shut down in the past for this very reason. That being said, just because an opportunity is legal doesn't mean that it is profitable for those involved and it doesn't mean that it is a long term sustainable source of income and many would lead you to believe.

What's interesting is that despite the fact that Amway doesn't pay you for recruiting, it is the emphasis of many IBOs, and the emphasis of much of the teaching in some AMOs. This is because coveted levels such as "emereald" or "diamond" cannot be achieved without recruiting downline. These coveted levels are often promoted with displays of lavish lifestyles, thus the desire of many IBOs is to recruit everyone they know in the hopes of achieving these lifestyles. Sadly, very very few will ever attain those lifestyles, and some of the people who do attain them are not able to sustain them.

Unfortunately, much of Amway's spotty reputation is directly due to some questionable recruitment tactics. People are often tricked into attending meetings, or lured into a meeting without being told what the oportunity actually is. In my first brush with Amway, I was invited to a beer bust as a college student and when I arrived, I was greeted by my friend wearing a suit and the white board set up in the living room. Needless to say, I was not impressed and formed a poor opinion about Amway.

So IBOs and information seekers, if you are recruiting others, I would be of the opinion that honesty and openness about the opportunity is the best way to operate. You will still have people turn you down, but at least they won't form negative opinions about Amway and the way you operate.


Anonymous said...

You don't understand Amway or for that matter any business system.

Recruiting... what's wrong with recruiting? Don't employment agencies "recruit" people seeking work? Don't franchises "recruit" people interested in operating a franchise? Don't these people have to go through a screening process before they get accepted?

Show me a business that operates without people. Show me a business that makes money only by recruiting when its doors are closed to the public. Show me a business that operates on the "if someday..." principle but still makes money. Show me a business that makes money with its owner doubting his belief in his own business. Show me a business that operates because of the way Joecool wants it to. My business operates the way I want to, not your way, thank you.

You have the typical J.O.B (Just-Over-Broke) mentality and can not be a business owner. Your business would fail. It is a mindset thing. Unfortunately, that's the mindset you got and seem proud of being just-over-broke. You quit and it's better that way. Otherwise, you would have a lot more to loose. But one thing that fathoms me is why do you have to complain so much about it? Be a man, not a wet sissy.

Joecool said...

Yes, businesses have people who recruit employees. Many businesses do this.

Amway was not guilty of being a recruiting scam because IBOs aren't paid for recruiting. So why is the emphasis of many IBOs on recruiting if they don't get paid?

It's because you need downline to absorb your losses in order to profit.

Show me a business where employees make no money but keep working.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine was waiting for a two month overdue paycheck at his job so he had to live below his means but thankfully, he was living with his girlfriend to make it through. There are stories like that.

Joecool said...

And there are IBOs depriving their wives and kids so they can buy more standing orders and functions.

Anonymous said...

It's true that all businesses need to recruit people to get the work done and make a profit. The differene is that Scamway IBOs must keep recruiting and buying in order to make any profits, and the worst of it is that 99% of the downlines almost never turn a profit! Where does the money come from when you don't sell your products to outsiders? Does money grow on the trees?

Anonymous said...

Amway is interesting. BWW is more interesting. BWW is the pinnacle of education if you want to have the mindset to be successfull. HOWEVER, applying this money making mindset to Amway is not efficient. There are tons of other industries, trades, and businesses that you could apply this excellent mindset to and achieve far more wealth, and SECURITY than the Amway business in shorter time. BWW teaches a cutthroat just get it done type of mentality with a positive twist, which can apply to ANYTHING you do. Amway isn't everything. I guarentee you apply this mentality to a talent like music (as i have) you will achieve greater success. Im not saying amway is a bad choice, just not the best. Which is why im no longer an IBO. why make life harder?