Monday, December 28, 2009

Amway Global - WalMart Doesn't Pay Me To Shop?

One of the silly arguments some Amway enthusiasts will use is the line that WalMart doesn't pay them to shop and Amway does. It's a silly comparison in that Amway is a business opportunity and WalMart is a discount retailer. It is also silly because WaMart could raise their prices 30% and give you a 3% rebate amd WalMart profits would go through the roof. Let's give a couple of examples.

Satinique shampoo costs around $8.00 for a 10 ounce bottle.
Suave shampoo costs $1.99 at WalMart for a 20 ounce bottle.

Even when you factor in a 30% rebate ($2.40), you still come out several dollars ahead of the satinique. Granted, not every single product at WalMart will be cheaper than Amway's, but generally, overall, you will save a lot more shopping at WalMart than you could "earn" by shopping via Amway. Also, unless you are at the 25%level, you will get a much smaller rebate. Most IBO, is they qualify, will only receive a 3% rebate.

For those IBOs who subscribe to "buy from yourself", you could simply purchase $70 worth of goods and hand the WalMart cashier $100 and receive $30 change. You can call that you rebate and be better off! LOL

In my opinion, you can get much better value by shopping at WalMart and using a cash back credit card. Do the math.


Anonymous said...

My upline showed me comparison charts to show me how Amway products are cheaper than products at my local Walmart. But I don't generally buy the name brands they compared the Amway products to. I usually buy generic or cheaper versions, so the Amway products aren't necessarily cheaper, in my opinion. And some of the food products you have to buy in bulk. Who really needs 6 jars of parmesan cheese, anyway? Can't I buy just one? But I DO like the XS drinks and some of the bars and shakes, so I will buy them just because I like them. It kinda makes me mad that they're presenting these products as cheaper, though, when they really aren't.

Anonymous said...

It really irks me when I see people that make uneducated comments. Hey, Maybe we should compare the Pinto he drives to a Mercedes.

you put "junk" in your hair,
your hair looks like....
you eat "junk",
you look like.....

The cheapest Satinique, which is still easily double the quality of Suave is about 3.70, retail.

What you're stating is like comparing salon quality hair dying to putting lemmons in your hair and sitting in the sun.

I care about my appearance, so I use QUALITY products at good prices, both on and off their website. I am not an IBO, I am a wholesale consumer. But I can't stand seeing people who make stupid comparisons.

Joecool said...

Quality is subjective. I don't think satinique is any better than any other shampoo. That goes for many other Amway products.

Do you use KATE? Why don't you use the Amway voicemail since you are "paid" to do so?

Anonymous said...

I was just lured to a Scamway sales pitch this week. Later I told the guy that in 1993 I was already lured to a few meetings of such but I concluded that it was a pyramid scheme. So he asked me what was a pyranid scheme. I drew a pyramid on the table with my finger and said it was in Egypt. Then I said back in 1993 I already found out that the Scamway products were almost always more expensive that they were in Wal-Mart or Target. Then he showed me a comparison study that showed that almost all the Scamway products came out the winners! Who did the study and why did they not publish it to the public? In their video presentation before going to the sales pitch, they don't even dare to mention Amway! If they did, I don't think many people would even go there!