Monday, January 11, 2010

Amway Global - What Business Do You Own?

Amway distributor. That's what IBOs were called some years back. I believe it is far more appropriate to call them distributors than IBOs. IBO = Independent business owner. Are you really a business owner? What do you own? You probably don't have a significant inventory. You probably don't have employees. You probably don't have office space or a warehouse. Most IBOs don't even have downline. If you have downline, they are also "independent", thus you don't own them.

Do you think you can use your Amway business as collateral for a loan? Can you leave your business for a month without it falling apart? Can you sell your business for a profit and walk away? What assets can you claim from your business?
Basically, you own nothing. One of the things that is used to attract recruits is the ability to "walk away" from your business and collect residual income forever and ever. Have you ever wondered why it seems that nobody ever walks away from their Amway business to live in luxury on the beaches of the world? I'm fairly sure a qualified crown ambassador couold walk away from Amway and collect an income for a while, but in the US, I believe most or all of the Crown Ambassadors are "old timers" in the Amway business.

So for those of you out there who are recruiting downline and making the pitch, I ask you: What is it you actually own? Do you own a tangible and sustainable business? Or are you simply perpetuating a myth that has been passed on from one Amway generation to the next?


Anonymous said...

Why would u walk away if it's the best business opportunity in the world and u can help people! Why would someone walk away from that!!!!!!

Joecool said...

What happened to the residual income? Is it a lie?

Anonymous said...

Don't they preach at the sales pitches that you will have more free time and financial independence because of the passive income?