Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Amway Global - Worldwide Dream Stealers?

Ruby Direct Lost 2 Homes and a Couple of Hundred Thousand Dollars

Hey there, Eric:

Thanks for your email…and your book.

Our story would be a little lengthy, but in a nutshell, as a former clinical Psychologist, Ruby Direct (stopped by our upline from going Diamond…no joke..we were paying out 28 bonus checks in width…my wife and I had one of the top 60 direct distributorships in North America…won numerous sales contests, trips, etc.), we “lost” easily 2 homes and a couple of hundred thousand dollars AND needed legal intervention and the ADA board to get our upline to stop the incessant attacks and slander! Good old Ron Puryear and World Wide Dream “Stealers”.

The only reason we persisted was because I have been successful in everything I have done in my life…2 time All-American in Wrestling, etc. I was not going to let Amway beat me! I guess we were making our upline look bad…by being honest about the system and making sure people managed their money right…”Don’t spend money on things that you don’t normally buy”, was not to their liking.

It’s a 17 year story….and a 4 year war…We could do a movie on this…

My best to you. Hope to chat soon.


Anonymous said...

What a great resource!

Anonymous said...

World Wide Dream Builders! What a piece of shit! They exported this shit to China and they are victimizing many people there! I heard they forced people to join in some places in China because the laws there are not the same as they are here. Sad!