Thursday, August 26, 2010

Amway Global - Just The Facts Please?

When I was first recruited for the Amway opportunity, I was tricked into attending a meeting. My second brush with Amway wasn't due to trickery, but filled with lies. One of my upline outright lied. Stood on stage and told the audience that nobody made a profit from tools. Some uplines wanted control of their downline's lives. Let's look at some other facts:

Most IBOs quit in less than a year
Most IBOs never sponsor a downline
Almost all IBOs who purchase tools end up with a net loss
Average IBO earns only $115 a month (including diamonds who drive the average up)
Some diamonds make more money from selling tools that from Amway
Some diamonds are not qualified but still rake in tool profits
Amway's name is soiled in North America
Most Amway products are sold to IBOs and not customers
There are few new diamonds in North America (some groups are shrinking)
Some diamonds lost homes due to foreclosure
A prominent triple diamond was in bankruptcy proceedings


Anonymous said...

right on target. anon from canada, let's see ya top THAT!

Anonymous said...

you dumb ass, first build to a platinum Q12 level then i might value your opinion. 4000 pv with eagle parameter is nothing and you though 4000pm qualifies you to analyze a $11.2 Billion dollar company.