Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Amway Global - Tricked Into A Meeting?

Looks like IBOs do a good job of soiling Amway's already battered reputation?


On weekend while we went shopping, my husband and I met this person by name Ram Yellamanchi. He started a conversation with us with regards to a product we were looking at buying in the store. He inquired about my husband's nature of job and later phoned us that next day trying to inquire if my husband can spend few hours after his work for his company. We asked him if it was network marketing like Amway, he said he didn't even know what network marketing is and mentioned it was not Amway.

We asked him about his companies website and nature of job and told him if we find it interesting, we might think of it. That next day he phoned us a dozen times asking us to attend a seminar his senior team lead was giving. It was at sheraton. We asked this guy a million times about the nature of the job and stuff, he told us that his companies website is yellamanchalis.com.

When we phoned the hotel to find out what exactly the seminar was all about, we were told it was an e-commerce seminar.

Later when we went in there, we were taken by surprise to see that it was indeed Amway. It was such a waste of time and the most disgusting part is that the guy lied to get us to that seminar.

I have friends who work for Amoco and we order stuff through them and we liked the products too. Sadly because of people like Ram, the company loses its reputation.


Colin said...

Had distributor act like he's all interested in my hobbies,interest etc. Same approach ambots been using for the past 20 yrs. When i question him about the pricing he'd say " oh just think of it as a business expense". I rather go to my local sueprmarket or grocery store.

rocket said...

A business expense?

Oh Yeah! Because when I buy cereal and after shave I always consider it to be a business expense.

Joecool said...

I'm not so sure that functions and rally type cds are actually business expenses. I don't believe these items result in more business income for IBOs. Hopefully the IRS crackes down on these.

Star IBO said...

I too have been tricked into an Amway meeting BUT at the end, I actually loved having been tricked in! Thank God for that day which has given me a new life start! Haters!

Joecool said...

The fact that people need to be tricked into a meeting not only shows the lack of character of the people who invited you, it also reveals that there must be something wrong with the opportunity that must be hidden until the suckers can be duped into thinking the way the sellers want them to.

Anonymous said...

star IBO = typical ambot foolishness