Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Amway Global - Never Quit! Maybe IBOs Need To Reconsider?

One of the things my upline told our group, and I believe it is still taught today, is that you should never quit. Now it isn't Amway the corporation who is teaching this, it is the upline LOS leaders who teach IBOs to never quit. For those who may be seeking information or are being prospected as an IBO, I will translate "never quit" for you. What your upline means by "never quit" is "if you stop buying training materials, I will lose valuable income that pays for my mansions and other luxuries that I lord over you at functions". While it is not a verbatim translation, that is what the underlying meaning is likely to be.

In many businesses, there comes a time when a real business owner will quit, cut their losses and start another business or find some other vehicle to earn a living. A real business owner might also determine what is costing him the most money and can be expendable, and reduce those expenses to make a profit. In most Amway businesses, losses are directly attributable to the purchase of support materials and training such as voicemail, standing orders, functions, books, etc. Most IBOs, if they simply purchased products they needed and sold a few products, would likely make a profit.

IBOs should consider rejecting upline advice if they are following that advice and there are not profits, especially when you consider that some uplines are profiting from your purchase of support materials.

It is a conundrum though, when upline tells their faithful downline IBOs that they should trust upline as they have their best interest at heart. They may also tell the downline that they will succeed if they listen to upline advice and do the work. Ironically, when things go wrong, upline will say you should be a business owner and discern what is helpful or not helpful advice. What a pile of poo these uplines are pushing. They are telling downline to listen to their sage advice and their valuable experience and then avoiding any responsibility for bad advice ot advice that doesn't work by saying the new IBO should disregard what doesn't work. If that's the case, why should the downline buy any support material? How would a new downline know what advice to use and what to disregard?

If your upline tells the group to "never quit", maybe you should reconsider.....

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boy am i glad i did!