Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How Much Do You Value Your Time?

As an IBO, I used to wonder how much my upline valued my time and efforts. Afterall, I wasn't an employee of my upline but sometimes it felt like we were unpaid employees with high demands and high expectations. To be honest I don't think the uplines value your time at all. What's more, they said in meetings and functions that Amway was a 24/7 endeavor if you were serious about achieving.

I thought it was odd that they would speak about vertical alignment. That God was #1, spouse was #2, family #3, job #4, and amway #5. Oddly enough, anytime something interfered with Amway, we were expected to skip it or rearrange our schedules to fit in the Amway meetings. One of my crossline has arranged for his wedding more than a year in advance. It probably took a lot of planning and arranging. Well, sure enough, a regional function (not even a major function) took place on the weekend of the wedding and I remember the couple scrambling to rearrange the wedding for fear of not being CORE.

It was okay to call in sick or even quit a job as long as it was to attend a meeting or a function. I remember a function where a diamond said to quit your job if your boss won't give you time off to attend a function. He said you can always get another job. Sadly, I know of at least two people who did this and more than likely regretted it later.

The upline leaders also said it was okay to build the business at night because your kids will be sleeping and won't remember you missing when you take them to disneyland as a diamond. That's all fine and dandy. How many diamonds have been popping up in the US lately? You really think your kids won't remember your absences later on in life? The leaders call it delayed gratification but in reality, some border on neglect and those IBOs who hang in for a long time might have years and years pass without any success and their kids will be the ones who pay.

More than likely your uplines don't value your time. If they did, they wouldn't do so many activities (at your expense) that takes you away from your family. I remember our uplines even had contests where the winner got the honor or driving the diamond to the airport! Wow, so you work hard to achieve something and your prize is to take more time away from your family to be an unpaid chauffeur for the upline!

How much do you value your time?


Anonymous said...

I spent so much time at functions/opens/etc. being absolutely furious at the amount of time amway/wwdb was stealing from us. Time is the only thing you cannot get back, despite wwdb's claims that you will be able to buy it back. What a crok of shit.

They conduct meeting after meeting after endless stupifying meeting keeping our time tied up. Meanwhile, the kiddies are back home getting into who-knows-what kind of trouble.

No, I cannot buy those moments back no matter how much money I might make. Ever seen Hollywood children? All the money in the world and many are complete idiots.

Anonymous said...

meetings and functions are endless. If you are working a job (real job) not a pretend business, there maybe business meetings out of town, but the company pays for time you were there, accommdates you and make sure you are being taken care of. In Amway, they take your time away and don't compensate you. All to hear 3 days worth of babbling where you can get the lack there of info if you pop one of their CD's