Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Diamond Illusion?

One of the things I noticed after walking away from the Amway business was how IBOs and higher pins try to create an illusion of wealth. They are told to wear suits to all of their meetings, act as if they are already successful in Amway, as if acting the part will make it so. Some IBOs are taught to fake this success, or "fake it till you make it". I suppose this is taught so prospects will be enticed into looking at the business or possibly joining because they see success and want a piece of the action. It is why many aspects of functions are about attaining wealth, quitting your job and showing off the diamond lifestyle.

But as time passes, more and more evidence has become available which shows that the diamond level (and higher) may not be all it's promoted to be. There are stories of diamonds quitting the business, diamonds fighting and suing each other over tools income, diamonds having homes foreclosed or going bankrupt. A book written by Ruth Carter about a diamond who was her former employer showed a diamond with a gross income of over a million dollars, yet this diamond apparently was broke, living in debt but continuing to portray success while on stage. The diamond was appearing to be financially successful but had overdue taxes, credit card debt, and littelt equity in their (mortgaged) home.

What many IBOs and prospects see on stage are pictures of the easy life, early retirement, no job, fancy cars and homes, fancy vacations and exclusive things in life. All of these can be achieved by joining Amway and going diamond right? Amway reports that the average diamond earns less than $150,000 and that is before taxes and business expenses. When you sit down with a calculator, it is easy to see that it is virually impossible for most diamonds to have what they portray. Amway apologists will claim that their groups don't do this, but basically, the function that is currently called "dream nite" is where the theme was the lavish goodies that diamonds have, and you can have, if only you will build the business.

So why do the diamonds put on this show? Simple, because it's a recruiting tool. People won't want to join if you tell them to work hard, achieve diamond and live a middle class lifestyle. Unfortunately, I believe that a diamond income will mostly provide a middle class lifestyle and not that of a jetsetter. Do the math and it's very clear. Also, one should note that much of a diamond's $150,000 income is in the form of a one time annual bonus, thus a diamond's monthly income might be quite low. Many people don't know this and believe the illusion they see on stage.

This blog and this post is to clear up some of the illusions behind a diamond lifestyle. It is very likely not what you think it is.


ExAmbot said...

Right on the truth is out there...
A diamond has a loooong job. the amount of work required does not equate the income. it's scandalous! oh wait there's system/tool money. bingo! that's 50% to 85% of most diamonds' incomes. that explains the myths of wealth. else why would somebody keep flying all over the country to "help" (there's an over used word by mlmers, disgusting) their people? simple - to increase their recruitment base and replace the high attrition in within groups. this increases and maintains tool sales. any diamond who makes the mistake of retiring from amway to walk the beaches of the world knows that is suicidal to their system income - their group will wilt and so will their income from tool sales. if they could they would rather just sell their motivational stuff and not be bothered by amway products - there's no worthwhile profitable income in the products.
diamonds are smoke and mirrors artists or more aptly conmen! because that is what is, a life long occupation that requires one to lie, deceive, misrepresent the truth, take other folks money and not bat an eyelid. actually there's the definition of amway!

Ramesh said...

i think its a good analysis tell me about the products how good/bad are these??

Anonymous said...

overpriced. =)

Anonymous said...

You have no clue to the reasons behind the incidents you are mentioning. You are misleading people. If a few examples of failure proce your point, I can gives hundreds of examples of failures in each business/occupation. Hence, no occupation/business is worth doing!

Anonymous said...


**proud Amway hater**