Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Funny Thoughts?

I had some thoughts about the Amway opportunity this morning and it made me chuckle as I was thinking. Imagine going to the bank for a loan and when asked for income verification, you show the loan officer a copy of a check you received a year ago. Or better yet, show the loan officer a picture of your home or your car and ask the bank to consider that as proof of collateral. You would likely be escorted out of the bank by a security guard. Or imagine showing the loan officer the 6-4-2 plan when applying for a business loan. You'd be laughed out of the bank.

But IBOs are recruited with these tactics. They are shown pictures of mansions and fancy cars. It implies that the upline diamond has attained these trappings with income they receive from Amway. Then the 6-4-2 plan or a similar version will be shown as a very simple and manageable way to achieve these pipe dreams. Looking back, I fell for it and believed it could be done. I also believed that my diamond was free when the evidence suggested otherwise.

I always wondered why the diamonds were always out showing the plan to people and why they could walk away from their businesses and live in luxury, but none of them opted to do so. Since the thought of doing nothing while money rolls in is a dream, why doesn't anyone choose that option? Of course, the IBOs will claim that their upline diamonds choose to work and help downline out of the goodness of their hearts, but now I can see that it is far more likely that diamonds keep working because they have to.

The attrition rate in Amway is significant, thus anyone who would choose to walk away might have income for a while, but attrition would turn the business into nothing very quickly. A diamond's stability is only as solid as are his platinums. We know that it is very very common for platinums to drop out of qualification or to quit altogether. And if platinums can drop out in a blink of an eye, so too can a diamondship. I believe my former diamond doesn't have any of his originally qualified platinums who still qualify, and I believe most of them have quit. Try taking that to the bank.

Anway, just sharing some of the funny thoughts I had this morning. Hope you have a good one!


Anonymous said...

The thought of a Diamond retiring and walking the beaches of the world is pure fiction, the comedy is the IBO's that believe that it is possible when the Diamonds telling them it can be done haven't walked away from the business and lived on the so called residual income. It has never ever happened. The only reason Diamonds have walked away from Amway and the motivational organization they were in is because they were not getting what they thought was their fair share of the Tool and Speaking Income. Brig Hart is a perfect example and Orrin Woodward is another, proving that it isn't about the product Amway, Monavia, it is about the cult/scam and the selling of Tools and Functions.

****Former WWDB Lemming***

Anonymous said...

I am a retarded 25 year old. My girlfriend just retired from Amway and I hate myself.

****Former WWDB Lemming****