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Is Amway and BWW A Scam?

Very Interesting Testimony:

I was at a mall and a couple struck up a conversation about something i was looking to buy at the shop. To be polite i responded and they kept the conversation going and finally they asked my number. I hesitantly gave my number and forgot about the incident. Two weeks later I received a call on a Sunday evening after 7:00 PM from this very same person. After initial chitchat the person mentioned a e-commerce business opportunity which has helped him make money. So we booked a meeting at my home on a Monday evening after work to discuss more on this.

The couple showed up and gave almost no information on the opportunity except for some vague e-commerce concept and invited to an "industry briefing" to be held at a hotel on Wednesday evening at 8:00 PM and I was asked to show up there in business attire.

On Wednesday i went to the hotel where the "industry briefing" was to be held and was forced to sit in the front seat with a paper and pen too to make some notes. The person who spoke was very animated and used some classical phrases undermining how un-fullfilling our jobs were. He showed a business plan and claimed, a person in 3-12 months can start earning 2500+/month and in 3-5 years earn more than 250K per year. At the end he mentioned that they have a product company called 'Amway Global' formerly know as 'Quixtar' and a education system called 'Britt Worldwide" or BWW which work together to make the above claims a reality.
At the end of the seminar i was given a few CD's and a literature material again highlighting what was said in the meeting. Intrigued i asked the person who invited me as to how long he was doing this business and he said that he was doing it for a "couple of years" which i later found out to be 13 years in fact and he was by no means "RICH". He invited me to another meeting on Friday at his place called "PASE - Product and system Education" as a followup. I went to PASE and met a few others who were involved in this business and the meeting had a cult like flavor to it. I did succumb to the pressure to sign up and was asked to sign up then and there.

They asked me to start attending the meetings every week, buy a subscription program for CD's called SOCD which i was told would cost me 7.94$'s per week + taxes making it 8.02$'s, later they also mentioned something called LSO - Leadership Standing Order which would cost me another 8.02$'s per week. I was also asked to sign up for a service called 'CommuniKate' which is a voice messaging servicewhich would cost me 25$'s per month and also asked to open a business website where i could showcase my business based on 3 pre-formated templates which would cost me 15$'s per month.

I confronted as to the validity of all these that i am asked to buy and i was told that all these would make it look like a legitimate business. They also stressed that it is a tax deductible expenses so were all the miles i would drive to these meetings and any contacting meetings i would go to.

I did not know at that time that every Wednesday meeting i would attend would cost me 6$'s per week. I was also asked to buy tickets to "BBS- Business Building Seminar" which would cost me 25$'s per meeting and this is held 4 times a year. Here they introduced something called 'Eagle Program" where every person if he needed to be 'an Eagle' had to buy 300 P.V worth of products from Amway every month else they are 'chicken'. Each P.V was 2.50$'s making it a commitment of 750$'s every month on Products. While doing all these I was yet to see any earnings. They also mentioned about another larger meeting called "conference/ FED/ Leadership" to be held and it would cost me 100$'s. These Large conferences are also held 4 times every year.

To know what happens in the conference you do a bit of search using keywords "Dateline Amway" and look at the video's in the link.

I asked the person who introduced me to this business to provide me with receipts for all the money I had to spend on BWW stuff, like CD's Tickets etc. But i was told that no receipts will be given.

Later I found out that the Big Pins make Tons of money from these tools than Amway itself, and since these were circulated by Hand and money collected through cash and checks without receipt, THIS WAS THE TAX FREE INCOME. REPORTING of this income does not go to IRS, I am sure IRS Does not even know such an income stream exists.

After all weekly meetings, a lots of CD's, compelled to do 300 P.V every month, driving a lot of miles and driving away all my friends and relatives it dawned on me that although Amway Makes good Products and sell them at a Premium and is considered a Legitimate by the Government, its combination with BWW MAKES IT A SCAM.

If you are reading at this account, you are either looking at getting into this business or have a doubt in your mind if your decision was correct to join this business.

If you are OK with all the points i have stated above go ahead and still build the business.

Else Rescue your money, because you will loose a lot of it if you get into this.


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Anonymous said...

Joe must be very successful in life. the time and effort it takes to look up all these things about Amway is amazing. he must give about 500% in his job if he can do this in what i am assuming to be his free time. I am not praising you at all Joe but you are clearly very passionate about this and that is amazing.

Now many people are passionate about Amway and that is also amazing. Even though Joe puts out negative vibes he believes that he is helping people "see the truth" just as people in Amway believe they are helping people.

I say the vibes are negative because they are very confrontational towards people who are happy in the business. Being hostile is counter productive to your efforts. I read the comment above of you asking what does it take to succeed, and i will spill the beans... It takes all the ambition you have to achieve your dream. I sound like a brainwashed goon to you but I have a dream that I want to achieve and this is an alternative solution to achieve my dream, I am working full time to achieve my dream as well. my dream is not to make money, selfish people have that kind of dream, my dream isn't even climbing out of the middle class life I have right now. everything I am typing here falls on bitter ears but my hope is to help someone realize that you have to do your own research and not rely on someone's blog and dont join because your friend invited you to join the business or the person who invited you to a meeting. Don't fall for the bull that people give you, there are honest people in the business trying to make it work, they will tell you it took years to get somewhere, they struggled, gave up, lost hope but they made it work. there are people who are successful outside of the business, who started a company on their own- personally i dont know how to do that as I am still learning to work with money so i know i cant do that yet.

my point is to take the time and decide, maybe you have a great business idea and this isnt exactly what you want to do. but maybe you see the potential in this business and you make it a success. Don't get pressured into deciding and don't underestimate the amount of work that this business takes.

I know that Joe is going to write a bunch questions and comments. but these are just opinions. mine is an opinion and so is Joe's an opinion.

Hilllary Aguada said...

There is this person who sent me a message in LinkedIn and the message goes this way:

"Leslie here, we just connected in LinkedIn a while back. Just looking through your profile, seems pretty impressive. Currently, I'm working together with a few professionals like yourself, on a part time e-commerce distribution business and expanding so we're looking for a few more partners to work with and I feel that you may have the qualities that we're looking for. (Although there'll be no promises). This can be done on top of your full time job. Without disrupting it. Let me know if you're open to income diversification! Regards, Leslie D'Cruz"

I was really skeptical about the message, and just dismissed it as a spam message, but searched the web for "e-commerce" anyway. Because I was really curious as to what this "business opportunity" was.

And so I replied with a polite message telling him thanks for taking the time to look at my profile, and that I would like to know more of this business opportunity he's talking about.

He then sent me another message telling me:

"Yes, today e-commerce is something that is taking over the world. Anyway Hilllary, I'm actually shortlisting and qualifying a few people. Working together with very successful entrepreneurs who are financially independent, and we are offering a personal mentorship programme. Check out the website: If what you see appeals to you, we may consider partnering with you Hilllary. Best Regards, Leslie D'Cruz"

And then, that hit me... I had to check the website out. Finally when all I can see in their website was vague descriptions, and testimonials of people who became very "successful", I finally had the hint that something was amiss. I never heard of BWW nor Amway nor IBO. So I had to do some research again.

And finally, I found his blog. Which just confirms that all I there is to it is another scheme or scam.

Anonymous said...

You took the words right out of my mouth. I guess most of them use the exact same tactics on college students. I went through a similar thing, but I'm naturally a skeptic, so I never joined. I only attended a few hotel meetings and PASE meetings. Everyone there seemed brainwashed and totally into the "business". I know a few ppl in BWW and I wish I didn't have to see them lose so much money on it, but they won't listen to me because they seem to really believe in the dreams that were sold to them. It's sad.

Anonymous said...

So, i am reading all this comments since 2014. This woman met me at Walmart. The verbatim speech as mentioned before. Vague information about what the business is. She invited me for the seminar at a hotel , business attire. Sat in the first row. The pitch was presented in such a positive light that you feel you should join as soon as possible. I knew then and there in my gut that its too good to be true. I had my reservations, received a literature packet from them AND YES, I DID GET A CULT VIBE OFF IT. I had talked to my parents prior to that and they said there is no need to get involved in this and that I don't have to do this to earn a little bit extra. I had a GUT FEELING that it is not something for me. So, after this meeting she tells me that she'll come over in 2 days and discuss about when i want to start. I was really reluctant to join in the first place but she just got to me. Next thing I know that I am being pressurized to go to this seminar in Memphis. Like a fool i just gave her my debit card information and paid 130$. I regretted the moment i did that. It was just a gut feeling that it is not something for me so I called that person within an hour of me making the payment and she said that she has already bought the ticket and that she is gonna 'try' to refund me. I mean it has just been an hour. Just cancel the ticket and give me the refund. It is their own corporation, why cannot they do that. Instead, she makes me an offer that she'll just carry forward that fees to my enrollment fees of 190 $
That was the red flag for me and I knew that it is not something i want to get involved in.

So the bottom line is
I dont care if I lose the 130$, I just dont want to get involved in. People will always tell you to take the risk and that opportunities like this will never come again or 10 years down the line you'll regret that you didn't do it. JUST LISTEN TO YOUR GUT FEELING, IF YOU THINK IT IS NOT SOMETHING YOU CARE ABOUT OR ARE REMOTELY INTERESTED IN OR LOOKS JUST EVEN A LITTLE BIT SHADY, JUST DON'T DO IT.

P.S. - I am not questioning their authenticity, it may be a legitimate company, may not be. I did not get a very good vibe so I am not joining this.

Anonymous said...

This is like indirect robbery where people at high place rob people at lower level. Person at lower level has to loose money inorder for person at higher level to gain money. Job should be such that both people get benefitted. Thank you creator of this site/blog. You are saving many lives.

Unknown said...

Anyone can be associated with a business. Doesnt make it legitmate. These amway scams have been around forever. It preys on the weak and brainwashes the masses

KidWhoKnows said...

Anyone can be aasociated with a business. They are not carrying any product from Amyway. Amway been scamming the masses and weak for many years. The weak and $ straped feed this crap until they are dead or broke. They brainwash the masses.

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