Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Amway Global - Customer or IBO?

Many people who register to distribute Amway products are taught to "buy from yourself". Of course using the products you sell is a good idea because you gain familiarity with the products and you may be able to explain and promote the products. However, one of the issues with this is some IBOs are taught to use the products exclusively without selling products to others. This makes them customers and not IBOs.

Buying products is not a business activity. A business exists to sell goods and services to customers for a profit. That's it, plain and simple. Any other activities that you engage in such as listening to a tape, attending a function or reading a book, might be educational in nature, but it is not a business related activity.

Many many IBOs are mislead by upline into thinking that simply buying their own goods is a means to succeed in Amway. One somewhat prolific but grossly mislead IBO (Tex) thinks that he can buy his way to prosperity. He is dead wrong and his results prove it.

If you are being taught to "buy from yourself", almost exclusively, you may want to step back and analyze your profit/losses and see if you are accomplishing what is shown in the "plan". IBOs who engage in the buy from yourself philosophy are basically building a product based pyramid. Keep in mind, are you a customer or an IBO?


Levi said...

you are an IBO who utilizes the expenses already incurred in thier bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room, and purchase them through a website where they save on time, gas, and in these 3 areas of the home they even save money. Now by showing other how to convert where they buy thier products for those same 3 areas of thier home and teach to duplicate the process.

If I owned a walmart would I be a business owner or a customer?
you would be smart to shop from your own store, so that means you would be both. just like in Amway.

Yes, it is a Pyramid. But Illegal pyramids were banned in 1979 and Obviously Amway is not. Because you have 2 things that mark a pyramid scheme. A head hunting fee (getting paid to just sign people up) or purchasing a certain amount of volume per month in order to remain a member.
both of which amway does not do.

Is there saturation in a Pyramid?
yes if it were to move fast enough, but thankfully for people like joe and the many Amway bashers they cause people to hesitate and therefore people join at a slower rate than people are turning 16 ( the leagal age to become a IBO).

Yes the Idea is to sell to customers but 80 percent of the customers I sign up end up liking the IBO option. I don't blame them cause in today's economy you got to start looking at alternate ways of making money. without being biased. But an alternate income requires an out of the box thinking and honestly it is not for everyone. but in todays economy you are going to either learn to swim or you are gonna go down with the boat.

Joecool said...

Levi, it would be good to use your own stuff, but not if you can buy it much cheaper elsewhere. You may save on gas but lose it back on shipping.

There's no headhunting fee, but there is a defacto headhunting fee. Why is most of the teaching focused on recruiting? Can you name 5 IBOs who made it big without sponsoring?

Amway is saturated. The name is well saturated in the US. Many if not most people know of Amway amd many people see it as a negative. Why do you think Amway is not growing in the US?

Anonymous said...

JoeCool, can you email me at jllygff@yahoo.com so I can respond to the LTD-Religion post? I guessed your email wrong.

Anonymous said...

If you prefer not to email then here is what I sent. I thought your email was joecool@yahoo.com

I saw your comments on this page and want to share some information:

I am an IBO on the LTD team and this past month the LTD organization had an annual event called Define. It was a two day event and on Sunday morning there was a non denominational service. However, on Saturday, LTD said that this service was not part of Amyway Global and is optional to attend. This was said several times during the Define event.

Feel free to respond if you want additional information. Also, I am unsure what powers you have on these forums but I have been trying to get an account for months but my account has never been activated yet. Are these the directions to still follow?


I want to join to share my observations from being on the LTD team for the last three years.

Joecool said...

Hey anonymous, I will ask the moderators at Quxitar Blog to approve your request for membership. Not sure if it will work, but I can ask.

Thanks for your comments.

Gina said...

Aside from what IBO's have to spend on shipping to support their own so-called business...by purchasing products from your own so-called business, and a majority of IBO's have only this and no retail sales, so this means that IBO's are falsly reprting business to the IRS and subsiquently paying taxes on their purchases. In the real business world, a business owner would subtract any personal use expenses because it doesn't make up part of your revenue/expense that is taxable. Any money recieved back, or additional revenue, on those personal perchases would be classified as a rebate and rebates don't get taxed. So enjoy overpaying on taxes IBO's...I am sure the IRS is thrilled!

Anonymous said...

Joecool thanks for talking to the moderators. My account was approved. Do you know if emailing ''quixtar (at) webraw.com'' is the thing to do? I am asking because I have a slight problem with my account and dont know if I am using the correct address. I sent an email to ''quixtar (at) webraw.com'' describing my problem. Sorry for using you as the middle man here.

Anonymous said...

Hold the press Joecool. I got a response right away and problem is resolved. Yippee!

Joecool said...

Anonymous, I am looking forward to your contribution on the Qblog forum. For others who want membership, I suggest you email the moderators. Right now that is Paine_Weber or Imran.

jllygff said...

I am adding something to my previous post. As mentioned LTD does not teach on Sunday mornings for non denominational services to be held. They understand and respect other religons out there so they have Jewish and Muslim services as well. Anyone (non IBOs) are always welcome to attend any service but once the services are over then only IBOs with a ticket can continue the remaining of the function.

I seen LDUB (Larry Winters) over ten times in this Sunday morning services and he usually gives the same speech over and over. It's good but a bit boring after all the times I've seen it.